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Abraham Lincoln all buff, tatted, and pierced

Jul 26, 2011 By Abraham

By Telegrafix


  1. Luke says:

    Actually, if you read about Lincoln, one thing that was noticed about him was his strong stature. I know it doesn’t seem that way, but that is what was said about him while he lay on the table to be examined after he was shot. In a sense, this concept art may not be far off.

    1. redjujube says:

      This concept art is WAY off. Lincoln was intelligent. Intelligent people don’t put that crap on their bodies, only doofuses do that. The only thing the artist captured is his strong stature. He cleared land and split fence rails by hand. You bet he was muscular but that stupid tat crap? Not a chance!!

      1. Elizabeth says:

        I must STRENUOUSLY protest against the idea that only “doofuses” “put that crap on their bodies”. Tattooing is an art form here in America, and it isn’t as class-based as you seem to think.
        There are, of course, a lot of “doofuses” who follow the fads and think that tattoos of words they think are “special” in languages that they don’t understand will make them look “cool”. Ditto with doofuses who tattoo their faces or gauge their ears in an effort to look more “hardcore”.
        There are many tattoo artists whose work can stand up to critics of fine arts. There are also many reasons to get a tattoo, and just as many places to put them on one’s body.
        If your concept of intelligence in the human race goes only as far as to include people without tattoos, I pity you. I bet Sarah Palin has no tattoos at all.
        It is a display of ignorance to the extreme for you to say that no person who has a tattoo is able to be counted as a member of the “intelligent people” group. Ink is an art form of personal expression. You don’t like the idea of body art, don’t get it. But by insulting every single person who has ever had a tattoo, you make yourself look ignorant and biased.

        1. Scott says:

          I would not go so far as to call a person who gets a tattoo a name, nor question their intelligence, however many, if not most tattoos are not art.

      2. ArgenKiwi says:

        I have a tattoo, and an IQ high enough to easily get into MENSA. I find your comment pretty offensive, and resent the implication that you (with your missing commas and extra exclamation marks) are an intelligent person and I am not.

        1. Love2Live says:


          I speak for the population of the United States of America according to the U.S. Census Bureau when I say that comment was pretty awesome. Thank you ArgenKiwi.

          On the note of tattoos, my cousin and his gf got tattoos in memory of their son who was miscarried. I don’t have any tattoos myself, but I certainly would not call that “stupid tat crap.”

        2. Laughing says:

          (Claims of a) High IQ and the better virtue of humility never seem to walk hand-in-hand within the same individual.

          1. ArgenKiwi says:

            Oh come on, I have to deal with Tall Poppy Syndrome online as well? On the Internet, where I am safely anonymous, I should be allowed to be proud of my intellect. In my real life I quite often have to dumb myself down so as not to offend the likes of you.

      3. mick weaver says:

        hmm i am so glad that you are all letting us know exactly how your opinion is best you are right as an observer online you obviously know what one of the greatest men in the history of our country who lived long before you were born would believe in or what he would do with his body i applaud you by alienating a huge portion of the world. BRAVO!

      4. gormondghast says:

        I’m sorry but saying that intelligent people don’t put this crap on there bodies is absurd I’m currently working on my masters in physics and i have both tattoos and piercings with the aim to get more. I’m not sure what your basing your views on but there sure as hell not reflective of real life.

        1. Sookie says:

          @gormo Don’t take offense to the science remark. Obviously you know how to use your whole brain and enjoy many aspects of life.

      5. Sookie says:

        I think you sat on your uncles lap too many times when you were a kid. I consider tattoos art which is why the people that produce them are called tattoo artists. Let me guess, you LOVE science!

      6. Aidan says:

        Oh, so the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who get tattoos to support their military branch, beliefs, loved ones, etc. are doofuses? Try telling that to them, because it seems that you are the unintelligent one here.

  2. Jeremy Herzig says:

    Lincoln was known as the railsplitting president. He was six foot four and apparently incredibly strong. While Im pretty sure he refrained from tattoos, he was probably physically imposing

  3. Shirley Nagel says:

    This drawing was done by my nephew, Tim Shumate. It just won a t-shirt contest at Threadless and a t-shirt with this drawing is now on sale. Family pride aside, Tim is quite the illustrator/artist. You can see more of his work at timshumate.com.

  4. chris torma says:

    i was raised to never put a tatoo anywhere on your body that you couldnt hide it from your grandma…personally tatooed faces and necks scream out I DONT WANT A REAL JOB….really doofusses!!! THATS WHAT IT MEANS …:(

    1. Superstar says:

      Hey Champ, it’s disappointing that there’s still people like you in this world, judging how others may look. You must come from an uneducated, boring family. For one ‘Us Doofusses’ that you claim, most of us ‘Doofusses’ we spend good money on our art. I have three neck tattoos, I am ‘Self Employed’, I deal with the ‘Public’ and ‘Yes’ I’m really good at my job, and ‘No’ I’m not a tattoo artist or piercer. My Grandma…..She Loves my tattoos. Your a sad human being, That’s what it means to me.

    2. Sugar Magnolia says:

      Actually, while I don’t support face tats just because I think they are a bit silly I have to say face/neck/head/hand tats don’t mean you can’t and won’t get a job. I know a guy with hand and neck tats who works with children. He is a great guy and the kids adore him. While the parents may or may not agree with his choice in location of tats they know that it has nothing to do with how well he teaches and cares for their kids. I also work with a man with tats everywhere including his head/neck/hands and I work at a non profit charity. He is the guy at the front desk and no one has ever treated him bad for his tats in fact it often starts conversations with people complimenting him on them. It is becoming more and more common for many work places especially in big cities to not judge so much on peoples appearance and instead on what MATTERS i.e. performance and skills.

      While some people who get tats don’t get artsy ones or don’t go to professionals or put much thought into getting them, there are many people who do get art and meaningful tats and put thought into getting each one. My mom got her first tat at 53 to memorize a friend who died of cancer, she is not stupid and the tat is very tasteful. There are many people who do the same. I also know people who use tats as pain therapy to get over doing drugs or drinking or so they just don’t start drugs to begin with. I feel that is more healthy and smart then doing the drugs.
      I believe if anyone here has lack of intelligence it is those stating that people with tats are stupid. That is like saying all nerdy people are virgins or all black people are thugs or anyone who lives in San Fran is gay, etc.
      Judgement without basis of fact is pure ignorance.

      On a side note, congrats to the young artist! I hope they have a bright future doing what they love. If only we were all so lucky.

    3. Lauren says:

      I was raised to never call names. Personally, ad hominem attacks on other people’s lives or decisions screams out, “I find it necessary to provide an unsolicited opinion about your life choices, however little they impact me personally.” Therefore, I respectfully disagree with your statement and politely ask that you would be more understanding and open-minded in the future.

    1. mytattooshavemeaning says:

      “on his robe and on his thigh he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords”–revelation 19:16….Jesus will have one on his thigh… also, amber is right, it was a pagan association, in that culture and time…but, also, leviticus, the book which mentions this also says not to eat pigs/shrimp/etc (in description), it says not to wear clothing woven from two different fabrics, and that when women menstruate that they are to be sent away for a period of 10 days to ensure that no one else is defiled, it also says if a man has a sperm is “released from the body” and spills onto the floor/bed/etc–not into the wife, that he is unclean and he should be sent away for a period of 10 days, it says men should not cut their sideburns, but let them grow (old school jewish priest style), etc. should i go on. ? but mainly, context and history is everything…don’t read a few bible beating verses and thing you are ready to slay the world;

    2. Dave says:

      If you want to live your life by some book written thousands of years ago, be my guest bro, the rest of us will think for ourselves.

    3. Sugar Magnolia says:

      You know the Bible also says that you are not allowed to wear mixed fabrics (i.e. your poly cotton blends and polyester pants suits are a sin), that your not allowed to eat shellfish, that touching the skin of a pig is a sin (i.e. playing football would be a sin as would watching it due to you justifying that sin, oh and no bacon either) also your wife isn’t allowed to dress up nice or wear makeup, your not allowed to cut or trim your beard, and no bowl cuts…shall I go on???
      So please unless you are willing to NOT DO anything the bible says is sinful do not come out picking and choosing to the world which ones to follow.

      P.S. America was founded on freedom of ALL religions…so no one should have to follow the rules of one.

    1. Nunaya Dambizness says:

      “Google it.” Yeah, because everyone knows, if it’s on the Internet it MUST be true! –sarc off–

  5. A Lamb says:

    Should totally have Death tattooed on the other arm.
    You have your choice, you can get hit by a dose of Liberty,
    or smacked down with a dose of Death…

  6. Slayer says:

    Abraham Lincoln is ALIVE. He is a vampire. Didn’t you read his journals?

    And Abe would not have supported the slavery institution of the FED.

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