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Actors breaking character to laugh with each other between takes [15 pictures]

Jun 6, 2013 By Abraham

We all know that surly, sad, and stoic characters on screen aren’t accurate representations of the actors’ personalities. But it’s still interestingly jarring to see those actors being themselves while dressed up as their characters…


Game of Thrones

Fight Club

The Godfather

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Leon: The Professional

Les Miserables

Pulp Fiction

Raiders of the Lost Ark


Star Trek

The Dark Knight Rises

The Royal Tenenbaums

Star Wars

(via Reddit)


  1. Jill says:

    I love these. It would have been nice to watch actual video clips because they always crack me up while they crack themselves up lol – Thanks!

  2. David Weinflash says:

    I think the opposite is more interesting: when actors refuse to break character, e.g., Daniel Day-Lewis on the set of “Lincoln.”

  3. anthony fernandes says:

    on actors are human page ! no one knows really if anyone reads, especially those, the comment is meant ! trying many ways to message certain characters to express my opinion about them, know, what I think, when a youngster this medium (computers ) didn’t exist, T.V. still absent from our lives until 1947 or so ,seen a lot of westerns, the cowboys and girls now legendary, no longer ad flavor to our lives, with this in mind hopefully a message can reach through to Russell Crowe ! he is a very good looking actor, having a sexy down under accent he portrays any stage character with style brings ones mind to actually believe and feel emotions radiated as he portrays the character roles, he plays ( being gay myself but not to offend ) Russell Crowe with all do respect….In the Gladiator he was at his best he’s absolute as he is in many movies…..suspended between two columns is a perfect man stay well so a more generations can appreciate your acting roles an actor, Mr. Crowe indeed should read this message, peace, God Bless ! Thanks for making movies an experience worth while !

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