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Admit it, you see a face — A challenge from a fun, new Twitter account [8 pictures]

Dec 1, 2013 By Jake Johnson

Faces Pics on Twitter tells you to “Admit it, you see a face,” as they serve up funny images of faces found in everyday objects. You might as well join the 180,000+ folks who have followed the account since its launch earlier this month.

Here is just a sampling…

Cute face

bag face

eggplant face

Onion face

Mop face

frog foam face

Mail box face

Kayak face

[via Colossal]


  1. emmy says:

    I have done this for years, but only recently started taking the actual photos of what faces I see. Soon more people were in on this and it became a facebook game! It is a phenomenon known as pareidolia.

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