Adult siblings meticulously recreate childhood photos as a gift for their parents [12 pictures]

By Joey


We’ve all seen examples of people imitating their old snapshots years later, but rarely are these re-creations performed as meticulously as this series by San Francisco Redditor RUSirius7 and her 2 brothers….

Siblings 1

The 26-year-old actress said it took a lot of scrounging around thrift stores to bring all of those Old Navy and Gap outfits back to life. The siblings’ painstaking attention to detail is amazing — the train under the Christmas tree, keys on a belt loop, and even the colors of belts and ponytail holders are subtleties from the old pictures that they were careful to include in the new photos as well.

The 12 photos were taken for a calendar the siblings made for their parents. You now have 11.5 months to get your siblings together and start working on your own version of this…

Siblings 2

Siblings 3

Siblings 4

Siblings 5

Siblings 6

Siblings 7

Siblings 8

Siblings 9

Siblings 10

Siblings 11

Siblings 12