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Bored? Well, snap out of it sister! There's no excuse when the answer is so simple. You have email, right? Facebook? Subscribe to 22Words and things are gonna get a whole lot better for you. That's a promise.

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Stop Moaning. Get the Antidote. Fight Boredom!

Fight Boredom

Since 2008 we’ve made it our mission to engage minds, melt hearts, and spread euphoria.

More than ten million millennials flock to 22 Words every month to discover new and amazing stories… little gems of wisdom, humor and sentiment that can transform the mind and take you to a better place.

Boredom? There’s no place for it in our world.


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10,000,000 UNIQUE VISITORS per Month

So who exactly are we rescuing from boredom and where do they come from? 80% of our audience is 18-44 years old, 75% find us through social channels like Facebook, and 86% are glued to their smart phones. And they’re hungry, with 60% consuming more than 10 page views per visit.


of our audience is

18-44 yrs

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of our traffic is


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Every Day, Something Amazing Happens at 22 Words.

There’s a phenomenon we like to call

‘22 degrees of evangelization’. It

happens when we rescue

someone from boredom and give

them something to care about.

With renewed purpose they take

up our cause and share our stories

with their network.

This year, 4.8 million people will share

our stories with their Facebook

friends, dramatically extending our

reach and increasing page views

by up to 22%! What’s really cool

is that people that find us this way

are on a journey of discovery, with

open, engaged, and curious minds.

4,800,000 PEOPLE share our stories on facebook!

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But We Need Your Help.

Imagine for a moment the gargantuan task we’ve undertaken: Saving the entire world from boredom? it’s going to take a combined effort and that’s where you come in…

We need advertisers that can engage viewers on a massive scale with compelling messages and visually stunning creatives. Together, our power will be unstoppable. Soon, our ranks will grow into the hundreds of millions each month. Someday, boredom will be no more.