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Animated pie chart representing 30 years of music industry revenue

Sep 1, 2011 By Abraham

Visit Digital Music News if you’d like to see the individual slides…

Each pie shows the revenue contribution from various formats, 1980-2010, based on RIAA revenue figures.… This is US-based data, and each pie represents 100% of total recording revenue.

(via Book of Joe)


  1. CG says:

    The staying power of CDs doesn’t seem all THAT surprising, considering that digital music usually requires some sort of initial investment (iPod, smartphone, connection plans, etc) that prices it out of the reach of quite a substantial number of consumers.

    There are plenty of kids, lower-income people, etc who have enough ‘fun money’ to buy CDs but still don’t quite have the income to buy the bigger items that allow them to take advantage of digital music. That will change, especially as smartphones become cheaper and more ubiquitous.

    1. AnotherLaura says:

      Disagree. You can burn your own CD’s from a computer with a small/comparable investment as buying them. Plus buying singles at 99 cents each and burning your own CD’s is often more affordable if you’re buying albums with only a few songs you really like on them. Also, even “dumb” modern phones will often play mp3s from a micro SD card.

      1. CG says:

        I hate to point this out, but… computers – while cheaper than they once were – are still not as cheap as a CD player.

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