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Another dashcam video of a guy being kind. Shocking, I know…

Oct 15, 2012 By Abraham

Last time I posted a dashcam video of people being nice (rather than getting in accidents and fighting with each other) people seemed to like it, so here’s another one. Nothing huge or amazing. Just some simple kindness…


  1. me says:

    for whoever wants to know what they are saying:
    guy 1-I want to help the grandma cross the street.
    guy 2- ok, go ahead
    when he comes back
    guy 2- was that her daughter
    guy 1- no just a person

  2. RMS says:

    it’s amazing/awesome how one person taking action to help someone else will then attract/motivate others to join in, so the first person does not have to bear the full burden. in this case helping the granny cross the street isn’t exactly a huge undertaking, but I have seen the principle at work elsewhere as well.

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