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Are prisoners better off than the children in public schools?

Jun 1, 2011 By Abraham

Trashed classroom in a deserted Detroit public school

(via Shareable, inserted here for melodrama)

Superintendent of schools in Ithaca, Michigan says yes in an open letter to Governor Rick Snyder:

Consider the life of a Michigan prisoner. They get three square meals a day. Access to free health care. Internet. Cable television. Access to a library. A weight room. Computer lab. They can earn a degree. A roof over their heads. Clothing. Everything we just listed we DO NOT provide to our school children.

This is why I’m proposing to make my school a prison. The State of Michigan spends annually somewhere between $30,000 and $40,000 per prisoner, yet we are struggling to provide schools with $7,000 per student. I guess we need to treat our students like they are prisoners, with equal funding. Please give my students three meals a day. Please give my children access to free health care. Please provide my school district Internet access and computers. Please put books in my library. Please give my students a weight room so we can be big and strong. We provide all of these things to prisoners because they have constitutional rights. What about the rights of youth, our future?!

Please provide for my students in my school district the same way we provide for a prisoner.

Tongue-in-cheek, of course, but poignant, nonetheless.



  1. Matt Harmless says:


    Turn the prison back into a prison… dungeon-esque type situation. Then take all of that superfluous funding and pour it into the school systems.

    (Because we all know that more money fixes everything. That’s why New York’s students are doing so well at over $17,000 per student.)

    Matt Harmless
    (Public School Teacher and Taxpayer)

  2. Janet Salvio-Littlejohn, MA Ed. Admin. says:

    Leave it to our educational system….to turn our students into convicts….because without education our young people are slaves to addiction, prisoners to ignorance and guinea pigs to extreme behavior.

  3. Chris Walk says:

    I can assure you if you took a poll of public school students, most would tell you they are already in prison, and that the superintendent’s demands were met a long time ago.

  4. canoehead says:

    If the school was just responsible for educating, not meals, morals, entertainment, healthcare, and babysitting, then $7 000 would be a reasonable amount. Let’s put some of the responsibility back on the parents.

  5. PhilA says:

    by them breaking the laws of society that have declared that they are anti-social, and thus not wanting to be part of this society, so why do they get the benefits of the society?
    I say they get the bare minimum to keep them within the human rights, but beyond that they should get nothing until they can prove that they want to be part of the society and uphold it’s laws!
    take those millions and pour them into keeping the people who do want to be part of the society, like the children, the homeless and the people who can’t afford health care!!!

  6. Ryan says:

    Schools don’t provide those things because of one crucial difference between them and prisons: YOU’RE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THEM. Once you get out of school, you can go to a restaraunt, gym, or library.
    You know what prisoners don’t get? Freedom. I bet to them, school seems like a pretty fucking good deal.
    School and prison are two entirely different institutions and to compare them like this is misguided and pointless.

  7. Pete says:

    Please allow me to use rubber bullets on those little S#$*heads in the back of the class.
    Please issue tear gas grenades to the teachers as you do warders :_)

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