Artist invites people to draw a world map from memory, makes a single map from the results [13 pictures]

By Molly


Artist Zak Ziebell asked students at the University of Michigan to draw a map of the world from memory.

He took the responses he received and digitally merged them…

top map

…and then created a “satellite” version of this collective world map from NASA imagery.

top map - Version 2

Here are the original drawings…

map drawings - 01

map drawings - 04

map drawings - 05

map drawings - 06

map drawings - 07

map drawings - 08

map drawings - 09

map drawings - 10

map drawings - 02

map drawings - 03

And just for comparison, here’s an actual satellite image of the world…since our memory isn’t much better than the folks polled.

converted HIPS image

(via Reddit)