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Attack of the Tibetan Mountain Dog

Mar 27, 2012 By Abraham

This picture only exists because of that chain…

(via Reddit)


  1. JL! says:

    Apparently they’re also called Tibetan Mastiffs, and a few other things. Like, “WHAT IS THA–AAAAUUUGH?!” for this one.

  2. Kjkillercom says:

    I bet it’s a big teddy bear. I love big breeds like these they are usually very humble pets.

    1. John says:

      Yeah – because the ones who *aren’t* naturally perfect gentlecritters and *aren’t* well-behaved don’t get allowed to breed or interact with the public. And nobody’s dumb enough to treat a vicious one like they do a vicious *small* dog – laugh at it and physically restrain it instead of training it.

  3. nasher says:

    high rank people don’t need any beast around to play any role at all, only nomadic, humanoid apes, and Eurocentric’s pop culture fans will really enjoy dog’s companionship!
    normally dogs are not very risky,however, they are better off to be kept in thier animal kingdom’s wild and rude zone; that is, neither to be adored, unless they are very tiny and real cute; nor to be hated. a purposeful approach to their present into urban zone,residential monuments and households is approved to be the most secure one in civilization!


    1. J Gunn says:

      Take a deep breath and just say what you’re trying to say. You’re trying to appear way smarter than you actually are, which leads to poorly chosen word salad.

      You seem to object to dogs as pets, but your tone is random.

  4. Jazson says:

    Okay, what would the dog look like without its mane? Is this the evolutionary reason why manes exist to add fright to its attack when it goes after prey, or even when it defends itself from others?

    1. Commenter says:

      That sounds legitimate. I do know that they are also involved in male displaying for females and to other males for territorial controversies. Kind of like a Peacock’s display.

    2. kim says:

      … without the mane, the tibetan mastiff looks a lot like … a neopolitan mastiff. or an english mastiff. still has a head the size of a volkswagen.

      1. kim says:

        p.s. the theory for the heavy coat and mane of the tibetan version of the breed is so that it can withstand the severe winters in the mountains of tibet.

    3. J Gunn says:

      I would think it’s obvious FUR is for keeping WARM. Most animals haven’t evolved in temperature controlled buildings, ya know.

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