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Awesome dad arranges trick-or-treating for his son who can’t eat candy

Nov 16, 2012 By Abraham

Last month, in preparation for Halloween, Fletcher’s dad sent this letter to his neighbors…

(via Reddit)


  1. Bob says:

    That is a parent that is involved in his sons life that cares and shows respect to his nieghbors and son that makes you just wonder why other parents dont show the same compassion .

  2. missy @ it's almost naptime says:

    Awesome dad.

    But he could have made it a lot easier on himself. We don’t eat artificial dyes and flavors in our house because it causes one of my kids to turn into an evil hyperactive demon. So my kids had the choice of trading in all their candy for either organic candy or a $10 Amazon shopping spree. Then we donated the candy to one of the ten places that were asking for donated candy.

    1. Zaz says:

      My daughter has the same problem and we do the same thing (she gets violent after eating yellow dye – not pretty). Dark chocolate is the favorite treat around here. We tossed the candy in the trash can, though, since we’ve come to see it as garbage now and don’t want to give it to someone else who may not know why their child behaves like Taz from Looney Tunes. This dad is truly awesome, though, and I applaud his efforts at making his son’s life as fun as possible! :)

      1. Her says:

        That’s a good idea… I’m guessing he was just wanting to give his son the same feeling of collecting treats you can keep.

  3. Fawn says:

    This is exactly what I do for my keto kid, too. :) And her younger sister. They both love Halloween! Four years on the diet and seizure-free for 2.5. (We’re rooting for you, too, Fletcher! Keep up the great work.)

  4. Aaron says:

    Unfortunately a major part of this story in missing. I have been involved with Fletcher’s mother Tresa for a few years now and she has been the driving force behind Fletcher’s recovery. I do not want to take away from Allen in anyway because he is an amazing dad and has worked very hard to give Fletcher the best life possible, but Tresa deserves to be in this story as well. Many years ago Fletcher started having seizures and the medical system began treating him with a cocktail of drugs which at the time seemed to be making things worse. Tresa worked day and night to find answers and look for a way to save Fletcher’s life, and that is when she discovered the Ketogenic Diet. Both Tresa and Allen were dedicated to healing him and worked selflessly to kept the diet going. Within a short period of time they had seen immediate results and that proved to both of them that he can be healed. It is 5 years later now and Fletcher is a normal healthy boy who can even enjoy the odd piece of candy. If it wasn’t for the dedication of both parents it could have been a different story altogether. Tresa now shares her success story with other mothers from around the world and has helped many other family’s who are going through this struggle. As far as the letter goes it was actually something that she discovered in a book called “Keto Kid” written by Deborah Ann Snyder. So yes this is an amazing story of love and dedication to our children but I just wanted to make sure that the others involved received credit as well. Both Tresa and Allen are amazing parents and without them Fletcher would not be the healthy happy boy that he is.

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