Aww, the new Batman is so sad and we don't know why...but here are 14 funny theories | 22 Words

Aww, the new Batman is so sad and we don’t know why…but here are 14 funny theories

By Abraham Piper

Sad Batman

After director Zach Snyder tweeted the first photo of Ben Affleck as Batman, the world was left with one question — Why is Batman so sad?

Several Photoshoppers have now used the original photo and taken a guess as to why Mr. Wayne is down in the dumps.

Is it because no one came to his birthday party? Does he hate his new Batmobile is a Honda? Cold feet at his wedding? Donald Sterling? Wil Wheaton? Keanu Reaves? All of the above?

Sad Batman - 06

Sad Batman - 03

Sad Batman - 01

Sad Batman - 02

Sad Batman - 04

Sad Batman - 05

Sad Batman - 13

Sad Batman - 14

Sad Batman - 07

Sad Batman - 08

Sad Batman - 09

Sad Batman - 10

Sad Batman - 11

Sad Batman - 12

(via The Verge)

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