Baby Kangaroos Are Stranded in Their Pouches When Mama Dies...Until He Comes Along | 22 Words

“It was bloated and rotting. It’d been dead for a few days but there was still a joey barely alive in there.”


“I called her Palau after the TV show Survivor. It was one of the tribes on there,” he continued. “I nursed her back to health and released her a year later.”


It was that first rescue that motivated Barns to set up an education center because “so many people drive past carcasses not knowing that there could be a little joey inside that’s still alive,” he said.


He quickly discovered that The Baby Kangaroo Rescue Centre needed to be expanded but, despite working two jobs, he didn’t have the funds until a supportive uncle left him an inheritance to build it.


From there, Brolga’s Kangaroo Sanctuary has continued to grow and his efforts were even documented for a BBC TV show called Kangaroo Dundee, a two-part series about his story and life as a surrogate mother to so many joeys.


His work and his amazing sanctuary are a beautiful sight…

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