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Baby penguin is too nervous to jump in the water, and then finally…

Feb 18, 2013 By Abraham

A 2-month-old penguin can’t get up the nerve to dive in, but then gravity strikes…

(via BuzzFeed)


  1. Richard says:

    Sorry, I stopped watching 10 seconds in. Since Happy Feet and The Cove, it is no longer “cute” to see animals trapped in a glass tomb against their will. When they should be able to freely live out in the open. I wonder if I created a theme park called “Dog World” where I placed exotic dogs in glass tombs on display for the Americans to see and force them to do tricks for food. How well would that go over?

    1. Josh says:

      You sir are an idiot. These animals are perfectly healthy. You know Happy Feet was cinematic MOVIE right? And that The Cove was about something entirely different?

      I think you have serious issues with life and should probably sort them out.

      BTW, all this is coming from someone who lives and breaths love for animals.

      1. Adam says:

        You love them so much that you want to keep them in a cage away from their environment and the rest of the species? You have strange idea of love.

        1. Bruno says:

          You do know that their natural habitats are nothing short of dangerous? Many of the animals in Zoos are taken care of by specialists who ensure that they can be healthy so that they can reproduce. This experts love animals so much that they chose a career for them instead of claiming to love animals to death on the internet.

  2. Yournameisdick says:

    Richard you have no idea how awesome dog world would be please invent that. You do know that dogs love being fed and made doing things and they don’t mind living in one spot their whole lives becoming attached to their trainers also please make dog world

  3. DaddyIsMean says:

    hey, that’s how i learned! daddy threw me off the pier and said ‘swim or drown, kiddo!’

    i hate my daddy.

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