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Bad trumpet player pranks a passing marching band from his balcony

Nov 8, 2012 By Abraham

Next time a parade passes, if you have any instruments at your disposal, please promise the rest of us that you’ll do this…


      1. Silent shouting says:

        @ and Pain: Not necessary, she’s just as entitled to voice her opinion as you are on a public site. I happen to agree with her. That band put in time and practice for this performance, which was temporarily ruined by an arsehole with a trumpet and a camera. Now why don’t you go make me a sandwich?

        1. norwegian .. says:

          Don’t worry it wasn’t a military band it was just a marching band he was messing whith how ever it was on the national day off norway but still funny

          1. Bravechnov says:

            Why should it matter whether the band is military or not. Either way is just as disrespectful. Soldiers and military personnel do not require more respect simply out of their position and title. Everybody earns respect out of their own actions. So it would have been just as disrespectful either way.

            However, if we can be lighthearted for a minute, you have to admit it is kinda funny.

  1. Chris says:

    I don’t find this funny at all. Lousy thing to do. Unfortunately, some people will do anything for attention and here we are giving it to him.

  2. Joe says:

    Wow, he is so funny. I hope someone return the hilarity to him the next time he dedicates time and effort to anything worthwhile.

  3. henry moon says:

    Amazing how uptight people can be, even during a ten-second no-brass slot in a parade nobody is aware of, even buttressed by the certainty that virtually everywhere else in the world parades are running smoothly, without a hitch, like clockwork, and without an ounce of that certain something that makes everything that little bit more enjoyable: humor.

  4. Tom says:

    I must be missing something. Unlike most, I see nothing clever about his actions. Yes, it was a lull in the music, but I doubt he knew or likely cared about that. Didn’t see many smiles or signs of appreciation on the musicians’ faces, and folks who enjoy playing in ensembles tend to have a good sense of humor. Just my perspective.

    1. Jeffrey Galvin says:

      Tom, I can’t be certain, but that might have been an Orange march in Northern Ireland. I thought I saw a Union Jack carried by somebody in back. The Protestants are allowed (hell encouraged) to parade through the Catholic neighborhoods rubbing the Catholics noses in 1000 years of suppression. This is what they all used to blow things up over. I’ve never believed any of this mess was worth the violence that has gone on there, but a little humor like this would be well-deserved. Again, I’m only guessing.

      1. norwegian says:

        Its from the national day in Norway and he is trying to play “norway in red, white and blue”

    2. More observant than Tom says:

      At least one of the bad members is entertained by it at 0:24. There actually only appears to be one that is honestly irritated by it and he’s looking right up at the camera.

  5. Jeffrey Galvin says:

    If that was one of the Orange marches in Northern Ireland, I say get a 100 more just like him and drown the idiots out. Well done Sachmo.

  6. Andy James says:

    Ive been howling at this all day.. its also inspired me to buy a trumpet and play it just as bad/good..

    I cant wait till the next time a parade comes along so i can add to the enjoyment :)

  7. Stu Pidasso says:

    Some of the musicians do look a little amused. And I think the guy knew it would not be disruptive to the actual music. As a musician who has marched in a ton of parades my final analysis would be…BAHAHAHAHAHA almost peed my pants

  8. Barbie says:

    OMG — that was hilarious!! No harm done because he did that before the band started marching. Lighten up.

  9. RoyBig says:

    I have played in marching bands, that was laugh out loud funny. Did you see the horn player in the band cracking up?
    I can see my old band director responding to that incident, he would not be able to keep a straight face!

  10. Roger Barton says:

    I would not have made the effort. Had I been at home during the parade, I would probably have been practicing, and would merely have increased the volume of the organ to compensate for the noise of the parade outside.

  11. dno says:

    GREAT prank!
    where nobody got hurt, because
    if you can’t deal with a jamlike stretch you don’t belong in a (marching) band

  12. SltLfe92 says:

    That’s not funny in the least. That is highly rude and disrespectful. There is a lot of work that goes into marching and playing an instrument that many people wouldn’t realize. It’s hard work honestly. Definitely not even remotely funny…

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