Balcony flower pot makes unusual but perfect nest for mama duck’s 9 new ducklings [10 pics]

By Joey

When she got home from work one evening, Redditor veiledrose was confused to find a lone, unattended egg in an empty flower pot…

Duck Eggs 01

With no mother around and the flower pot sitting on a third floor balcony, she was even more confused to find a second egg the next day…

Duck Eggs 02

Eventually the mother showed up…

Duck Eggs 03

By the time the muscovy duck was finished, she had laid eleven eggs…

Duck Eggs 04

Duck Eggs 05

One day, a few pieces of egg shells showed up on the ground around the flower pot…

Duck Eggs 06

Finally, the ducklings appeared…

Duck Eggs 07

Duck Eggs 08

Duck Eggs 09

Eventually the mother duck flew to the ground and called for her ducklings. One by one each of the nine ducklings that were hatched dropped three stories to the ground below, much like these Mandarin ducks whose adorable freefalls we’ve seen before

Duck Eggs 10