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Bass Players Look Like They’re Holding Big Dogs and Tickling Them

Aug 8, 2013 By Abraham

After noticing that “bass players who use their fingers as opposed to a pick look like they’re tickling hairy dogs,” blogger Michael M began the “completely pointless hobby” of badly photoshopping dogs into the hands of bass players. And thus was born Bass Dogs.

Here are some highlights…

Bass Players Carrying Dogs - 01

Bass Players Carrying Dogs - 02

Bass Players Carrying Dogs - 03

Bass Players Carrying Dogs - 04

Bass Players Carrying Dogs - 05

Bass Players Carrying Dogs - 06


  1. jake says:


    really lame for the amount of effort to track down all these pictures of both bassists and dogs and do some crummy photoshop

  2. Chris says:

    I think it’s absolutely wonderful that somebody got the idea, and made the time to create these pillars of silliness. Monty Python would be proud.

  3. thelowmax says:

    Not to nit pick (or is that pick nit?) but more than half of these cats are using a pick. Cats should never pick on dogs.

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