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Bears with beaks are the animals you didn’t know you needed see today

Aug 23, 2014 By Joey

For two years, imaginative Photoshoppers have been submitting their whimsical animal mashups to a small subreddit called Birds with Beaks. Here are the best imaginary creatures to come from the hilarious effort…

Cute polar bearrot cub

Bears with Beaks 1

Photogenic beargle

Bears with Beaks 5

Dominant polar bird

Bears with Beaks 4

Angry eagoala

Bears with Beaks 2


Bears with Beaks 6

Sad beargle

Bears with Beaks 7

Sleepy sun beargle

Bears with Beaks 8

Foraging panda bearrot

Bears with Beaks 9

Hungry pelibear

Bears with Beaks 11

Pouncing wild bearky

Bears with Beaks 12

Lazy sun bearrot

Bears with Beaks 10

Grumpy owlbear

Bears with Beaks 3


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