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Beware the cliffs of Mount Stupid

Dec 30, 2011 By Abraham

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal


    1. Jason says:

      “Vegetables” only exist in a culinary sense. For example, pumpkins and summer squash are fruits, collard greens and cabbage are leaves, and mushrooms are a fungus. Thus, a tomato is a fruit AND a vegetable.

  1. el duderino says:

    Now I don’t know much about horticulture, but scientifically speaking, a tomato is definitely a fruit. True fruits are developed from the ovary in the base of the flower, and contain the seeds of the plant (though cultivated forms may be seedless).

  2. Chris says:

    And the Civil War was mostly about succession from the Union and slavery was just the catalyst for that.

    Hey the air is thin up here on Mt. Stupid. :-)

  3. p.s. says:

    Actually, the Civil War had more to do with maintaining a strong central government. Lincoln could not simply allow states to secede, consider the precedent that might have set for the years to come. Now the point mentioned was one about slavery, the topic while one of the forces behind the secession efforts, really hardly stands in comparison to the economic inequality between the North and South in the decades prior. For all intents and purposes the Union had suppressed the Southern economy vis-a-vis unfair tariffs and other measures that certainly did not lend to a fair playing ground. Now it wouldn’t be correct to assert that slavery had no part in the war, it just was far from the only reason it occurred.

    1. Nicole says:

      I think I’m in the valley on this topic.

      In high school, I had to write a 25-page report on that topic. Now I don’t want to talk about it. :P

  4. Garf Arfunkel says:

    Probably created by the Idiocracy-loving type who thinks of himself smarter than everyone else even when the “facts” they espouse are blatantly wrong.

    1. Mrs. Joy H. Reinicke says:

      A good example of your “idiocracy-loving, blatantly wrong” type is that group of Mt. Stupid mountaintop achievers who portend that the Holocaust never happened. I just mentally refer to them as wackos. Now let me go confess my judgmental attitude.

  5. Thorn says:

    Tomatoes are a fruit. Admittedly based on taste they would be considered a vegatable, but they are a fruit. They have seeds. Anyone who passed 7th grade science should know that. Statements that truly belong on Mount Stupid (sorry to bring this up) are usually found on religious discussions.

    1. alex says:

      A good example of Mount Stupid then: Bob the Tomato, an evangelical christian who also happens to be an anthropomorphic tomato in the television series VeggieTales (implying that the tomato is a vegetable).

      Is this more what you had in mind Thorn?

  6. Spelvin2002 says:

    Botanically tomatoes are berries. Popularly they are fruit. Commercially they are vegetables. There’s a lot of politics in that.

  7. horace says:

    Well, botanically speaking there is nothing that defines a vegetable. They can be leaves (lettuce), storage organs (potatoes), roots(carrots), flowers(broccoli)…

  8. horace says:

    as for the civil war comment…the south seceded because they wanted to keep the institution of slavery. the war was the result of trying to preserve the union. saying the war was not about slavery is like saying “I broke my leg after I jumped out a two story window, but it was really because of the impact on the ground, not the fall itself.”

  9. Love2Live says:

    No, horace, it was not.

    The South seceded because they wanted a strong state government and weak central government, and the North wanted a weak state government and a strong central government. When the South realized things weren’t going to go their way, they seceded, and they had the constitutional right to do so. Now, the feds didn’t like that so much, and the Civil War began. Towards the end of the war, the South started a winning streak and President Lincoln was losing support for the war. How could he gain support? Ah ha! Slavery. He used the South’s plantation slaves against them to get support from the bigoted Northerners.

    Here are the facts: 75% of the men who fought on the South’s side in the Civil War did not own any slaves. 23% owned between 1-3 slaves. 1.8% had 4-5 slaves, and 0.2% owned 5+ slaves. Those slaves that were owned were, for the most part, treated well, unless they tried to run away. The North was no better, and although they were technically “Non-slave” states, the majority of the people there (as well as most of the Union generals) owned slaves.

    1. OBJECTION! says:

      I agreed with everything you said until the bullshit about “slaves were treated well”. Give me real world statistics that show that slaves were “for the most part, treated well, unless they tried to run away” and I might be swayed. But until then, BE A BETTER RHETORICIAN!

  10. JonoC says:

    The graph is very inaccurate. It makes it look as if some how the majority of internet users are somewhere other than atop Mt Stupid…

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