Bon Appétit Says the Average Millennial Spends 96 BILLION Dollars a Year on Food

very generation loves to poke fun at the generations immediately younger than themselves. The "kids today" phenomenon has been going on since the dawn of cranky old men. The jabs generally fall into the following categories: fashion/hairstyles, loose morals, music, not understanding the value of a dollar, and not knowing how to work hard.

This generational contempt is ubiquitous and maybe inevitable. The hippies whose hair, clothes, and music were so offensive to their parents and grandparents grew up to "tsk tsk" those very traits of their Gen X children. And now those Gen X-ers are grown and looking down on Millennials. Ah, the circle of life.

Now, Bon Appétit Magazine is calling Millennials out for their overspending, but in the process, accidentally put their foot in their mouth. Way WAY into it....