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Boy prays to President Obama

Aug 14, 2013 By Abraham

This kid is a little confused about the difference between praying to and praying for


  1. Chris says:

    Confused, or just following the example and teaching of those around him who espouse the “Obama as Messiah” doctrine?

    And don’t blame me for bringing this up. Abraham knew full well what he was doing when he posted that hehe ;)

      1. Justin says:

        The difference is that evidence for Leonardo’s existence is plainly evident. You can see the comment he typed, if you had his address, you could go and meet him in person, see where he lives, meet people he knows and whose lives he has had an impact on. In the case of a deity, you have none of these things; only faith. It’s impossible to KNOW that God is out there, or that he cares about us, or that he has directly done anything to influence our world in any way. You can only believe that He did.

        Note that I am not trying to say outright that “there is no God,” merely that there is no way to know for sure until one dies and sees for themselves… and also that there is a distinct difference between Leo’s argument and your own counter-argument.

        1. Joel P. says:

          “It’s impossible to KNOW that God is out there”

          Actually, it’s impossible to know anything at all apart from God. Your irrational denial of God is certainly evidence of that.

          1. Sean M says:

            Joel, that comment alone defines why it is pointless to try to argue sense to someone who lacks the common sense to see that God is so obviously there. People like Justin are so ignorant for trying to following logical conclusions from tangible observations. If there was no God, why would America be the greatest country in the world? It doesn’t make sense. If there was no God, then why do so many rapes and murders take place every year and the most corrupt and greedy people gain all the power and trick the IDIOTS like Justin here, into doing what they say. Without God there would be no religious wars, or abusive clergy, and all that exists so God MUST exist. Thank you again Joel for your insight and wisdom,

            Go with Christ Bro

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