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Boy stops traffic to help a small injured dog off the road [3 pictures]

Dec 9, 2013 By Rob Toledo

While many people were perhaps unaware of or even ignoring an injured pup stuck on a busy Brazilian road, a little boy took it upon himself to step up and help.

boy saves puppy (1)

A translation of the news item

When he saw the puppy get hit at Rua Lauro Müller, in Itajaí, little Jean Fernandes, 11, rushed to rescue of his friend. This sequence showing the boy’s love for the dog Honey was captured by photographer Rafaela Martins.

The driver who hit the dog did not stop to render aid — something quite common in Itajai according to veterinarian Denilson da Silva Vargas of the Center for Animal Control.

On average a dog hit is serviced by the veterinarians once per week. Denilson does not recommend people touch the dogs until the arrival of a vet because if it is experiencing pain, it can bite.

Young Jean Fernandes took the risk of helping the vulnerable animal and now, despite the scare, little Honey is doing well.

boy saves puppy (2)

boy saves puppy (3)


    1. Huh says:

      Why? It’s his own dog.. he stopped traffic… you telling me if your dog was hit you wouldn’t walk in the road?
      The story is just filler.

  1. Crunchy says:

    Actually, people rarely stop their cars in Brazil for anything. That’s a sure way to get mugged, at the very least.

  2. jay says:

    I would love to anonymously find this chld an educaton. regardless of hs background he exemplifes compassion
    . which we need more of

    1. Huh says:

      Seems like you need some education. Spelling and Grammar seem to not be your strong suit. Maybe you should spend it on yourself? You do understand there is much better education in foreign countries than there is in the US yeah?

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