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Boy surprises his grandpa with a visit

Jan 5, 2012 By Abraham

OK, this is a literal tearjerker and also the happiest thing you’ll see online today. Here’s the set up…

My parents live in Germany and normally visit us in the States during Spring and Fall. Due to health issues, my dad isn’t able to fly. He tells me all the time how much he misses his grandson…

(via The Daily What)


  1. zachl says:

    my wife is from alaska and before we moved to europe we did the same thing. she had surgery on her back and couldn’t do much. we completely surprised her a month before we moved by flying from our home in texas to see her. my kids did the same thing this boy did and her reaction was very similar. she was medicated and so the emotion was tripled. she kept saying, “what?” “what?” “what?”

    anyways this reminded me of that priceless moment

  2. JJES says:

    This reminds me of something I did: I went from Portland, OR to Denmark a few yrs ago to surprise my best friend on her birthday. Her husband and daughter picked me up at the airport and when we got about 1 block from their house, I got out and called her while they went home. While I was walking to her house, I just talked to her like normal. When I got to her house and could see her on the couch, I asked her to look outside to tell me what the weather was. She saw me outside her window and, after she registered me really being there, she screamed and ran out. It was great. I wouldn’t surprise just anyone like this, but I knew it would be okay with her.

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