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Breaking the Apple logo down Fibonacci style

Jul 28, 2011 By Abraham

Updated with the original source, Thiago Barcelos



        1. thomasblair says:

          Or that they’re influencing people by utilizing the subconscious pleasantness of the golden ratio.

  1. Win says:

    I *do* understand Fibonacci numbers, but all I’m seeing are Diameter-8 circles, with a hint of Diameter-13 underneath. No 5s, no 3s, and if the bigger diagrams are supposed to mean something, I don’t see it. The lesson I’m learning here is “They used same-diameter circles in several places,” which is nice, but nothing special.

      1. nick says:

        The point he is making is that the 1,2,3,5, and 13 circles, and even the spirals overlaying the Apple are inapposite. The only circle that shows any relevance to the logos structure is the one of diameter 8.

  2. Jason says:

    What this diagram show (without explanation) is how the golden ratio, the golden rectangle, and the golden spiral were supposedly used in designing the logo. I must admit that with Steve Jobs’ obsession with design he was probably a fanatic of phi and the Fibonacci sequence. Notice that the ratio between the numbers in the sequence approaches .618 in perpetuity. Phi is the only number that when added to 1 yields its inverse: 1+.618=1/.618. At any point in the evolution of the Golden Spiral the ratio of the length of the arc to its diameter is 1.618. It has no boundaries and is a constant shape.

    Many ancient philosophers and artists considered the ratio to be the most beautiful in the universe. Many went further and described it as something close to the DNA of life. Plato considered Phi the key to the physics of the cosmos. Hurricanes display the golden ratio as well as the horns of sheep, nautilus shells, DNA, the Parthenon, seahorse tails, pine cones, the great pyramids, and even people. The more you learn about it, the more it will amaze you.

    1. me says:

      Its amazing how often the golden ratio, and PI present themselves in the design of some of earths most revered ancient structures, such as the great pyramid of Giza.

  3. Shantam says:

    I understand the pedagogy of fibonacci, here only the circle number 8 is in relation with fibonacci spiral. Rest are just forced to fit in ! There is nothing special about it.

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