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These Business Card Ideas Will Get You Hired Instantly

By Abby Heugel

How often have you been given a template business card, glanced at it for a minute, and then threw it on a table and never looked at it again? Exactly. They all look the same and tend to blend into each other, meaning it’s easy to throw them away.

The solution? Getting creative with the designs. The people below thought outside the box with their cards — going interactive, functional, and pretty much just genius — to ensure their card can’t just be easily tossed away.

This Canadian landscaper’s business card is die-cut Astroturf and pretty darn genius.


Via: Ads of the World

This event photographer takes a different view on the classic business card.


Via: Imgur

I’m not sure what this yoga pose is called, but it looks to be effective.


Via: Cargo Collective

Speaking of yoga, this is  like a yoga mat for little tiny downward dogs.


Via: Bryce Bell

These pop-up cards show an illustration of a hair style and when folded in half, a new hair style pops up.


Via: Card Observer

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