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British nerd hilariously shows how easy it is to write sexy pop songs like Jason Derulo

Jun 26, 2014 By Joey

Comedian and musician Brett Domino offers a brief tutorial on how to make a hit pop song (using Google and a bassoon). Then he shows off the impressive and hilarious results of his method…

(via VVV)


  1. Steve says:

    the real songwriting however is in everything you didnt list here, which i might say you did immaculately and is beyond the abilities of most people. fantastic dynamic, contrast in tones at the right pacing and pacing in general. nothing. i might add like jason derulo’s music lol. gj dude, i loved the song ;)

      1. Dom says:

        to make a pop song it isn’t, but to make true music that i think is good, it is and i agree with Steve 100% especially the music dynamic, with a good execution, i love me some good chords

  2. Steffy says:

    this is great i want this song! like now!! where do i get it, oh yeah thanks video proved a point boo bee bo sexy when you do that!

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