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Brothers follow through on their childhood dreams

Nov 13, 2012 By Abraham 8

A then-and-now photo from redditor DeltaPatch


  1. Elston Gunn says:

    Looks the kid on the right’s dream was to play for the US baseball team in the olympics. I guess he was so upset when they discontinued olympic baseball that he joined the marines?

    1. Her says:

      Yeah, I was going to say… it doesn’t really have any special mention of the military in the first pic. But still cute.

      1. Amy says:

        It doesn’t, but since you can tell it’s someone holding the photograph and not a split screen, it can be assumed that the Marine knew what his childhood dream was. ;)

  2. Her says:

    Whoa by the way I totally thought it was a split screen… it’s someone holding the picture next to them while they stand on the street. Cool.

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