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Building planners in Seoul want to make sure you find the bathrooms

Dec 5, 2012 By Abraham

(via Michael Gladstone)


  1. Beepage says:

    Hey listen, when you gotta go, it’s wonderfully reassuring to know that you are getting closer to a restroom and you will, in fact, make it without causing a janitorial predicament. (mops, those “slippery wet area” signs, change of clothes, etc.)

  2. Andrew says:

    Those pillars are pretty wide and close together, forming rows that hide the other sign from a long ways off.

  3. Jesse says:

    This is actually in the Seoul subway system. This may seem amusing from this angle, but I can tell you from experience that from most angles you can see only one of the signs, and when you really need to find one of Seoul Metro’s remarkably clean restrooms, you are grateful that they do thi.

    @Mary: these signs do not imply a coed bathroom at all. In my travels outside of America, this is a pretty standard symbol indicating where the restrooms are (there are signs with just the male or female symbol, but I have only seen these when there is a significant separation between the two restrooms). I have also seen this with increasing frequency in the US.

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