Bus driver teaches rude drivers a lesson by purposefully running into them

By Abraham Piper

Russian bus driver Alexei Volkov has been recording his routes in the city of Zelenograd since 2007 to protect himself from insurance scammers who pull in front of his vehicle and then brake suddenly to make a rear-end collision seem like his fault.

Over time, he got fed up enough with these swindlers (and with rude drivers in general) that he started simply running into people who drive like idiots. His excuse is that it would be more dangerous for his passengers if he swerved or braked suddenly to avoid an accident.

Apparently, his employers agree. He remains behind the wheel despite admitting to over a hundred accidents. And, because he shares his dashcam footage online, he has become a bit of a vigilante hero around town, known a touch dramatically as “The Punisher.”

Here’s a compilation of his method of discipline…

(via The Daily Mail)