Can anyone solve the case of the disappearing rabbit?

October 28, 2012 | By Abraham | 13 comments

(via Reddit)

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    1. Rigby the Shepherd says:

      Agreed, those really don’t look like the pattern of a rabbit track to me… Rabbit tracks tend to have a tripodal sort of look and tend to be spaced out between hops- especially when fleeing from imminent danger (such as an aerial attack). I have seen tracks that approach 15 feet between the bounds of a fleeing snowshoe hare. The small tracks on the right side traveling towards the tree could be rabbit tracks, but they look a bit more like squirrel (either way they demonstrate what I mean by spaced out tracks). I think the main trail leading from the avian landing site is actually that of the bird that just landed walking through the snow. It looks like an alternating step and the steps sink deep in the snow, whereas small land mammals (rabbits, squirrels, etc.) tend to have bi-/quadrupedal hops which “float” fairly well on the surface- even in fresh powdery snow (notice how shallow the other set of prints in the photo are compared to those leading from the wing prints).
      Don’t get me wrong: This is still a great image, I just don’t think it necessarily meant the demise of an animal.

  1. Kely says:

    Clearly what happened was this, A bird was flying along and said “You know what? I don’t want to fly anymore I think I’ll take a ride on that deer” so it flew down but missed the deer. So it changed into a human and walked away

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