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Car smashes into pedestrian, pedestrian reacts perfectly, walks away

Oct 23, 2012 By Abraham

This is scary, but it shows a scenario that I assume I’m not alone in imagining from time to time: What do you do if a car is coming straight at you and you can’t jump out of the way?

You jump straight up as high as you can at the perfect moment so you hit the windshield instead of the front bumper…


    1. Marci says:

      First of all, its recording…. not “video’ing” and second, I feel like we’ve discussed the concept of a “dashcam” enough times on here already that shouldn’t even be a question.

    1. Jack says:

      driver is at fault in this situation. Pedestrian has right of way; driver is exceeding safe speed (look at all the stopped cars, and he’s flying). He’s fortunate the pedestrian walked away.

  1. R.B. says:

    Grace :This is in Eastern Europe (probably Russia) so a lot of people use dash cams to record their driving because unless they have video proof of an accident or assault (yes there are a lot of assaults on Russian roads) then the courts often won’t press charges.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      I never knew that, I always just assumed that was what all the dashcam vids were about. I suppose driving is different in all places… in this guys case… I think the video will not help him… he was driving like a douche.

    2. Lyx says:

      Thats not true. They can file a formal complaint and everything, but things won’t go anywhere because there’s no real proof and its basically one man’s word vs another. The dashcam just provides the evidence for things to move forward.
      Also, on those eastern countries like Russia, many people will try to jump in front of cars and pretend they were ran over. They literally jump and get hit on purpose, so they can get insurance money. Dashcam also prevents that.

  2. Jacki says:

    I was hit by a car in front of a hospital, pushing another woman out of the way. I landed with my handprint on the windshield. The driver gave me a dirty look and drove off. Thankfully, I wasn’t hurt very badly, just sore the next day. I imagined he must have been distraught about someone he loved who was at the hospital.

  3. Paul says:

    This looks faked. When the guy hits the windshield it gets all smashed up. Then the camera bounces around and when it shows him flying off the window has been magically healed.

    1. Purdie says:

      Or… He jumped onto the windscreen which being safety glass would have helped absorb the impact which is also totally plausible. Admit its plausible. Do it…

    2. LordAstral says:

      It doesn’t look like the windshield is magically healed. It looks like the windshield is magically no longer there. Of course, running a 100+ lb. human into it might have had something to do with that.

  4. karen smith says:

    it looks absolutely fake
    why on earth would someone have a camera going to tape this “accident”, shenanigans going on here, camera, staging etc

  5. Tyler says:

    So…this very same thing happened to me this past may in Australia…hit by a Audi tt doing 50k. I too jumped my elbow went through the windscreen and took a mighty big chunk of my elbow with it. No broken bones just surgery to get the glass off of the bone deep in my arm…blessed to have minor injuries and not to have another car after clean me up. But the insurance company is trying to claim I did 19ks of damage to the Audi…yeah you can pound sand Alianz

    1. Adam says:

      Actually – only 38sec, was wasted watching the video. The other 1min 22sec must have been for you to leave your comment about wasting time. If you want to save time in the future just don’t comment.

  6. Jessica says:

    That’s the smart thing to do if you ever in that situation. If you freeze and get hit, the bumper will most likely break your knees and tear a ton of ligaments in your legs. Its better to jump up and land on the car because the damage to your body will hopefully be much less than the painful and long healing that accompanies leg injuries.

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