Cat with an owl face

August 25, 2011 | By Abraham | 13 comments

(via Buzzfeed)

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  1. Scott says:

    n. 1.Partnership; league; as, to go in cahoot (or in cahoots) with a person. Usually used in the plural, and in modern usage often used to imply that the joint effort is unethical, shady, questionable, or illegal; as, a shill in cahoots with a pickpocket, to serve as a distraction.

    1. Pspaughtamus says:

      ~gasp~ No! Someone faked a picture on the Internet? What is this world coming to? Whatever led you to that conclusion? /snark

      A very well-done Photoshop or trick of perspective can still be recognized as being artistic and creative, it doesn’t have to be of something “real”.

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