Cate Blanchett Had the Most Savage Response to Sexual Predators Like Harvey Weinstein at the InStyle Awards

t seems like everyone should be more socially enlightened by now, but unfortunately, there are still a bunch of people out there who think that it's okay to disrespect a person because of the clothes they're wearing.

Cate Blanchett roasted sexual assault perpetrators like Harvey Weinstein about this in a biting speech at the InStyle Awards Monday night in LA. She didn't say the bigwig's name directly, but it's pretty clear that the speech was pointed at him and men like him who abuse their power to take advantage of women.

She applauded women who dress unapologetically and don't wait for anyone else's approval to express themselves. And most importantly, she said that women don't dress to please men.

Just 👏 because 👏 we 👏 dress 👏 sexy 👏 does👏  not 👏 mean 👏 we 👏 want 👏 to 👏 f*** 👏 you!