Elton John Writes Hilariously Impressive Song on the Spot. Look What He Used for “Lyrics”…

Oct 1, 2014 By Abraham 2

In 1997, at “An Audience with Elton John,” actor Richard E. Grant hilariously put Elton John on the spot…

I’ve heard that you write your songs very, very quickly. And I’ve brought some words along and hoped that you could put some music to them. Would you do that?

After a quick facepalm, Elton asks him what the lyrics are. To which Grant replies…

Um, well, it’s from… It’s the… It’s the instructions from my oven.

The crowd erupts in laughter and Elton agrees to give it a go. After starting slowly, he finds his stride — as if the music were already latent in the dry prose of the manual — and by the end the improvised song is a virtual masterpiece…

This Teen’s Adorably Epic Yearbook Photo Was Rejected Until He Struck a Deal with the Principal

Oct 1, 2014 By Megan Berman 4

Draven Rodriguez and his cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, made national news this month when Rodriguez released a photo he hoped to include in the yearbook, featuring the purrfect pair amongst pink and blue lasers.

Cat and Laser Senior Picture

But the school rejected the image. According to school district spokeswoman Karen Corona, the photo “would not be acceptable for the senior portrait section.” So Rodriguez began a petition hoping to get 500 people to join him in asking the school to include it. He got over 7,000 signatures.

But the school refused to budge on its guidelines for senior portraits.

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This is what you see and hear just before a grizzly bear mauls your face

Sep 30, 2014 By Joey White 0

When a grizzly attacked an Idaho trail camera recently, it provided a stunning first-person view of what being attacked by a grizzly looks and sounds like. Needless to say, it’s absolutely terrifying.

But also fascinating, since we’re experiencing it from the safety of the internet…

(Via: DPF

First-person footage under a speeding train. The rail tie buckling under the weight is insane…

Sep 30, 2014 By Abraham 3

A few months ago, a few guys decided to see what it was like to lie under a train as it barrels along at top speed. Terrifyingly stupid, right? Nope, not if you let your camera take all the safety risks for you.

They pressed record, set the camera in the middle of the tracks, and got this incredible footage of the train hurtling overhead…

(via Reddit)

Kind couple gives huge tip for BAD service on their anniversary. See why and be inspired…

Sep 30, 2014 By Abraham 3

When Makenzie and Steven Schultz went out for their 6-year anniversary on Saturday, they were looking forward to a few pleasant hours away from their cute little twin boys at a nice restaurant.

But their accidentally unfortunate choice of restaurant that night completely screwed up their evening…or, rather, it could have screwed up their evening if they weren’t pretty much the nicest couple in the world.

Makenzie writes

So here’s the deal. Our service tonight sucked. Took 20 minutes to get water, 40 minutes for an appetizer and over an hour for our entree.

That’s enough to ruin a normal person’s evening, especially an evening that you have high hopes for, like, say, an anniversary. Everyone else around the Schultzes was letting the awful service get to them…

People all around us were making fun of the restaurant & how bad the service was. Yeah, it was pretty terrible.

But the Schultzes put themselves in their waiter’s shoes…

It was very obvious that the issue was being short staffed, not the server. He was running around like crazy and never acted annoyed with any table. At one point we counted he had 12 tables plus the bar. More than any one person could handle! As I sat there and watched him run back & forth and apologize for the wait, I said to Steven… Wow, this used to be us. Waiting tables. I don’t miss it at all and I never loved that job. I did it for the tips.

So they decided to do the one thing that would make the waiter the happiest and that he least expected that evening…

Steven and I agreed it would feel good to make this guy’s night when he would probably be getting minimal to no tips due to slow service…

Tip for Terrible Service

This extraordinarily kind gesture has struck a chord across the entire internet, with 1.5 million people liking her post about it on Facebook. It is awesome to see others be so kind, and it inspires us to be the same.

As Makenzie writes…

I’m just sharing this as a friendly reminder to think of the entire situation before you judge. And always, always, always remember where you came from.

A rare and insane nature video to share with everyone you hate

Sep 29, 2014 By Abraham 2

In a segment of the BBC’s Wonders of the Monsoon, we have the distinct displeasure of seeing a leech eat an earthworm. It sounds gross, I know. Just wait till you actually see it.

It’s incredible, but so nasty…

The leech sucks it’s prey down like spaghetti, crushing the worm with its muscular throat.

(via Kottke)

Adding to the remarkableness of the unpalatable moment, this footage is the first that has ever been captured of this phenomenon. And in case you’re curious, the worm met its demise and the leech had lunch on Mount Kinabalu in Borneo.

Incredible optical illusion makes entire images vanish before your eyes

Sep 29, 2014 By Joey White 1

Everyone loves a good optical illusion. We look at what seems like reality and enjoy discovering that, nope, that’s not reality at all. But usually, the “reveal” doesn’t involve an image completely disappearing.

Thats’s exactly what happens, however, with Troxler’s fading, a phenomena that occurs with certain images when you stare at just one point. As you stare, other parts of the image — sometimes the entirety of the image — completely fade away.

Trick your brain by checking out these examples of this illusion…

Stare at the black cross and the pink dots fade away

A blue-green spot may replace the empty spot in the circle. Moving your eyes away from the image may result in a circle of green spots appearing out of thin air as well…


Stare in the middle and the entire picture disappears


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How to make tree bark haunt your dreams using only a mirror

Sep 29, 2014 By Abraham 0

Trees aren’t scary, right? Wrong.

It turns out that they are full of terrifying ghouls and goblins…if you hold mirrors up to them in the right spots. And photographer Elido Turco is an expert in finding where on a tree these hair-raisingly awesome faces will emerge.

For a series entitled “Dream Creatures,” he photographed trees during his walks in the woods, and then mirrored the photos on his computer bringing the trees to life — fascinatingly frightening life.

Here is just a selection from the series…


Dream Creatures by Elido Turco - 03

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These drawings are typewritten, not drawn. But the amazing thing is the artist himself…

Sep 29, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

If you want to see incredible skill and dedication despite severe physical limitations, look no further than artis Paul Smith.

As a child he was diagnosed with severe spastic cerebral palsy — but that never kept him from pursuing his love of art. Although Paul’s condition made him unable to hold a paintbrush or pen, or even speak and eat, he became a phenomenon in the art world.


How? By creating beautiful images…with a typewriter.

Paul used both hands to create his art—the left to steady the right, which pressed the keys. And since he wasn’t able to press two at once, he locked the shift key down and created his art using only 10 characters…

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