This Teacher Has Each Student Write Themselves a Letter…Then Sends It to Them 20 Years Later

Dec 11, 2014 By Abraham 0

“I know I’m not an outstanding teacher,” says English teacher Bruce Farrar, “I’m just a regular teacher who happened to assign a rather different assignment.”

And what is this “rather different assignment”?

For decades, Farrar has had each of his high school students write a 10-page letter to their future selves, and then — here’s where it gets incredible — he mails it to them…20 years later.

Watch him talk about all that goes into this amazing, ongoing project and listen to how it makes the students feel who have reached that 20-year mark and gotten their childhood letter in the mail…

Actors’ Actual Injuries That Made It Into their Films. Can We All Agree DiCaprio Is Insane?

Dec 10, 2014 By Abraham 0

Sometimes in the heat of the moment as an actor is going all out, their commitment to their character leads to actual injury. Of course, most of the time, this will lead to a pause in the action, someone will yell cut, and after the wound is addressed, they’ll shoot another take.

But sometimes, the actor carries on, incorporating the pain into the scene and the cameras keep rolling.

Here are several actors whose actual pain and trauma has made it onto the big screen instead of onto the cutting room floor. They’re all interesting, and as always Jackie Chan’s craziness is amazing to behold. But, there’s no question that Leonardo DiCaprio’s response to cutting his hand in Django Unchained is as crazy as they come…

11 Lives Forever Changed Through the Miracle of…Jaw Surgery. Incredible Before-and-afters…

Dec 9, 2014 By Joey 1

Thanks to amazing advances in medical science and technology, people with significant jaw problems that affect how they speak, how they eat, how they look, and more can now get surgery to solve many of their problems.

While the process is painful and can take years to complete, these remarkable before-and-after photos — along with testimony from those who have decided to undergo the procedure — show just how stunning the impact of corrective surgery can be…

“I had low self-esteem…”

“I couldn’t chew my food right, and I lisped. So going though that surgery has given me a better quality of life.

It’s weird to say, but I feel prettier.”

Jaws 10


*               *               *

“Actually, I never felt unattractive before.”

“But I will admit that having such a huge boost [of confidence] all at once feels really cool!”

Jaws 9

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Multimillionaire Builds New Homes for Everyone In His Old Town to Say “Thank You”

Dec 9, 2014 By Joey 0

Chinese businessman Xiong Shuihua has made millions over the course of a successful career in the construction industry…

Village Rebuilt To Give Mansions To Residents By Millionaire

Despite how things may seem for him now, the steel tycoon had humble beginnings in Xiongkeng village in southern China.

Chinese Tycoon's Hometown - Before 01

He has always spoken highly of the people who supported him and his family during his upbringing, pledging to do what he can to repay them. And now he has followed through in a big way.
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Have You Ever Wanted to Sell Your House So Bad You Built a Roller Coaster in It?

Dec 9, 2014 By Abraham 1

If you’ve ever sold your house you know the value of “staging” it. Obviously, some people don’t even try, but others go above and beyond, clearing out everything except strategically selected, perfectly vanilla furniture and decor that will make the house as appealing as possible to the highest number of potential buyers.

And then there are these folks….

Want to sell a house? How about roller coaster tour?