Watch These 36 Actors Appear On Screen for the First Time

Jul 16, 2015 By Megan Berman 0

Our culture may see celebrities as the pinnacle of success and good fortune, but what we don’t realize is how much hard work and dedication has been put into their careers.

And before they were famous, these 36 stars had rather humble beginnings…

Ben Affleck

TV: The Voyage of the Mimi, 1984 (11)

Joaquin Phoenix

TV show: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, 1982. (1)

Colin Farrell

Movie: Frankie Starlight, 1995. (2)

He Was Stabbed In the Heart and ‘Died’ Three Times, But Look At This Survivor Now!

Jul 16, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

For a lot of people, getting stabbed in the heart during a mugging for their phone and “dying” three times on the operating table would be enough of an excuse to feel sorry for themselves.

For 22-year-old England native Kieran Quinlan, however, he used it as the springboard to not only build his body into a physical work of art, but to also build his soul and motivate people around him.


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Angry Grandpa Gets a HUGE Surprise That Actually Brings Him To Tears

Jul 15, 2015 By Olivia James 0

The YouTube series ‘Angry Grandpa Show‘ centers around the exploits of…well an angry grandpa.

This guy is never satisfied, and his son Michael takes advantage by playing endless pranks.

But check out what happens when Michael takes him along to look for a house.

Angry Grandpa thinks the house is for Michael, and his reaction to the truth is amazing.