You’re allowed to bring a pit bull on the New York subway…if you follow this rule

Sep 24, 2014 By Abraham 3

There are no dogs allowed on the subway in New York, with the exception of breeds that can fit in a small bag. The spirit of this law is obviously to keep big dogs out. But that isn’t the letter of the law.

If a dog fits in a small bag, it’s good to go. A little bit of training, some sturdy shoulder straps, and your pit bull is ready to be a NYC commuter…

Pit bull in the subway

(via Reddit)

These 12 puppies diving underwater for the first time are ridiculously cute

Sep 23, 2014 By Abraham 0

Award-winning photographer Seth Casteel got his start with underwater photography when his own dog jumped into the water and piqued Casteel’s curiosity. He says,

As I watched him dive in over and over again chasing his favorite mini tennis ball, I thought, “What does he look like under there?”

I left, bought a little point-and-shoot underwater camera, zipped back, and jumped in.

Since then, he has made a name for himself with a whole series of Underwater Dogs. He then replicated the project with human babies, which was, of course, amazing. And now he’s back to canines with his latest book Underwater Puppies.

For the project he worked with 250 different dogs, most of whom had never been swimming before this photo shoot…

Underwater Puppies - 01

Underwater Puppies - 11

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