This man’s 15-year remodel project shows the profound bond he has with his cats

Sep 16, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

Ever since he was a child Greg Krueger has felt an affinity with cats. And since he has also always shared his home with several cats, he decided to build them their own spaces.

To me it feels like we’re a family living here…. They’re fun to watch; they’re very agile.

I just love trails and paths…and cats of course, so I’ve just linked those passions together.

Fifteen years later, Greg has created an unbelievable maze for his feline friends. The catwalks, which span over 100 yards, include proper lighting, padded hideouts, and even a catnip garden.

Greg Krueger's Catwalks - 05

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Very chill Spaniel is adorably confident she’s the best dog

Sep 15, 2014 By Abraham 0

When Eric asked his Brittany Spaniel Amelia how she ranked among other dogs, she answered with unequivocal certainty…

(via Reddit)

She’s confident, obviously, but somehow she still seems humble about it… Maybe she’s right.