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This Woman Snapchatted the Last Day With Her Dog and No, YOU’RE the One Crying

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One of the most heartbreaking things you can experience is seeing your beloved pet age and reach those final days, and feeling helpless to make things better for them. All you can really do is keep them comfortable and make the decisions that they can’t make.

That was the case for a woman who recently posted a series of Snapchats on Imgur titled “Dogs are too amazing to let go, but sometimes it happens and they will forgive you,” which chronicles her last day with her dying dog, Hannah, who wasn’t able to walk and could barely make it up the stairs of their home without medication.

“I finally decided that keeping her on the meds was selfish, but keeping her off of them was just as cruel,” she wrote.

So she decided to treat Hannah to a day full of love, pampering, and treats to celebrate “the queen she’s always been” before taking her to the vet to be put down.

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