Photographer takes comical photos of himself with random objects stuck in his hair

April 5, 2014 | No comments

Photographer Ahmad El-Abi has been posting comical photos to his Instagram account in a series called Stuffed Hair. Quite simply, he stuffs his hair with a set of random objects and photographs it.

El-Abi’s quirky faces and creative objects — how did he get those bubbles to stay in his hair without popping? — make the series fun and engaging…

Hair Stuff 01

Hair Stuff 02
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Awesome accidental art made daily at Home Depots, Lowes, and hardware stores worldwide [15 pics]

April 4, 2014 | No comments

Need some wall hangings for your modern home? Just ask one of the workers in the paint department of your local home improvement store to snap some photos of the paint they’re mixing before it’s mixed.

You could get anything from minimalist polka dots to a remarkable representation of a volcano…

Unmixed Paint as Modern Art - 07

Unmixed Paint as Modern Art - 04

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World’s tiniest stuffed animals are smaller than your fingernail — and unbelievably detailed

April 2, 2014 | No comments

Etsy has provided a platform for creators all over the world to display and sell their goods. A family from Vietnam opened a shop in 2011 selling something very unique — tiny crocheted animals.

All of these amazing creations are made by five members of the family, whose shop, SuAmi, is named after the youngest family member. The detail in these tiny animals is incredible…

Tiny Crocheted Animals 01

Tiny Crocheted Animals 05
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Incredibly gratifying video shows that this city worker painting streets is a true craftsman

April 2, 2014 | 16 comments

If you had to list everything that fascinates you, it’s safe to say that footage of city workers painting lines on the road wouldn’t make it on the list. But maybe it should…

London designer Tom Williams saw a crew of painters working their way down the road painting various signs on the street. He knew they were going to paint a bus stop sign outside his apartment, so he set up his camera to record their work.

And that work is genuinely amazing. You’d think that street painting would be a pretty basic process requiring little specialized skill or technique, but if this clip is any indication, that is far from the case.

With the help of his assistant, this painter confidently applies perfect yellow lettering onto the street freehand. No stencils and no mistakes…

(via Booooooom)

Designing the least user friendly products imaginable just for fun [10 pics]

March 27, 2014 | 9 comments

Architect Katerina Kamprani dabbles in design…but with a twist. She tries to imagine creatively terrible products — items that would be somewhat functional (maybe), but an absolute pain to actually use.

The ongoing series is called “The Uncomfortable.” I think you’ll see why…

The Uncomforable - 07

The Uncomforable - 08

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Superstars hipsterized — What if major celebrities went full-on hipster [15 pics]

March 27, 2014 | 3 comments

When DesignCrowd held a contest who could come up with the best re-creation of a celebrity as a hipster, they got 98 designers to submit 195 fabulous hipster versions of our favorite stars…

Celebrity Hipsters 02

The winning entry was from Free Imagination, whose hipster Leonardo DiCaprio is pictured above.

But there were plenty of other celebrities who were given skinny jeans, thick-frame glasses, beards, and various tattoos. Here are a few of our favorites…

Megan Fox

Celebrity Hipsters 14

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Babies’ corrective helmets come to life with fun, imaginative paintings [54 pics]

March 27, 2014 | No comments

Flat head syndrome, or plagiocephaly, is fairly common among infants and is easily corrected with plastic helmets that mold babies’ sculls into their normal shape. Most of these helmets are plain and boring, like the one on the left below…

Artistic Corrective Helmets 06

But as you can see from the helmet on the right, they don’t have to be boring at all. Paula Strawn has found a niche turning the plain, white helmets into amusing artwork that takes the edge off the sterile medical purpose the helmets serve.

It all started for Strawn when her friend’s granddaughter had to wear a helmet. Strawn’s friend asked her, “Please paint this ugly thing!” When the baby girl’s doctor saw the colorful transformation of the helmet, he asked for the artist’s business cards and fliers so he could refer other patients to her.

Over 12 years and 1,200 helmets later, Strawn has brought smiles to countless faces with the cartoon characters, childhood book characters, and classic paintings she’s recreated on these helmets. She shows no signs of stopping, saying, “I can hardly call this work. I am paid to have fun!”

Artistic Corrective Helmets02

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