Photographer’s “reverse nudes” are hilarious…and completely SFW

August 29, 2014 | No comments

For his brand-new and ongoing series “Nude Portraits,” photographer Trevor Christensen flips the notion of “artistic nude” on its head. Because, in fact, none of his subjects are naked. He is. Behind the camera.

Nude Portraits - 01

Although it seems entirely likely that this series began on a lark, perhaps with some drinks involved, Christensen has by now put a more high-minded spin on it…

Despite my best efforts, subjects often feel a sense of vulnerability during the process [of getting their photo taken]. No matter the scenario, this power imbalance seems like an almost inescapable part of the experience….

Nude Portraits is about leveling the playing field in an unorthodox way. Instead of focusing on bringing the subject to a place of ease, where I am, this project brings me to a place of vulnerability.

Christensen began his silly yet intriguing series on Monday, and since then has captured the reactions of four subjects to his state of undress.

And don’t worry, it’s funny not creepy, because none of the photos were snapped as a surprise. Everyone knew what they were getting into, and yet still their reactions are worth documenting.

For laughs, if nothing else.

Nude Portraits - 02

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Little kid can do literally anything (since his dad is an awesome CGI artist)

August 26, 2014 | No comments

In a new compilation of “Action Movie Kid,” animator and digital effect artist Daniel Hashimoto brings his and his son’s imagination to life in wonderfully “realistic” action scenes…

Previously… Dad makes awesome 15-second action movies with his 3-year-old and impressive CGI

All these lovely people agreed to get tasered for an art project

August 26, 2014 | 8 comments

You can tell by the nervous faces of the people at the start of this video that they might be starting to regret the decision they made to participate in photographer Patrick Hall’s “Taser Photoshoot.”

And then the tasering begins, and all that nervous regret is confirmed…

To capture the following portraits, as you see in the video above, Hall gathered over a hundred subjects and zapped them with a stun gun in his studio…

Taser Photoshoot - 29

Then he photographed them at the exact moment they were tasered….

Taser Photoshoot - 14

Taser Photoshoot

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How to get right up in a stranger’s face and take their picture even if you’re shy

August 25, 2014 | No comments

Street photography results in some of the most intriguing photos that exist. And sometimes you’re left wondering how a photographer was able to get away with snapping photos of strangers like that. It seems like it could be really awkward as soon as someone realized they’re being documented without their permission.

But here’s a simple trick to get rid of all the potential discomfort of simply pointing your camera at a stranger and snapping their picture…

Now, no matter how shy you are, you too can be a total creep…I mean street photographer.

Makeup artist’s lips are the canvas for her incredibly creative cartoons

August 20, 2014 | No comments

Artist and beauty blogger Laura Jenkinson has taken face-painting to the next level. Her characters are masterfully crafted, full of color and personality, but with a twist.

She uses her own mouth as the mouths of her characters.

Usually, she looks like this…

Cartoon Faces with Human Mouths

But when she’s face-painting, she looks like this…

Cartoon Faces with Human Mouths - 03

Cartoon Faces with Human Mouths - 11

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These boys soil their shirts at school lunch so they can save mom’s amazing daily napkin art

August 3, 2014 | 1 comment

Sculptor Nina Levy began sketching drawings with a black Sharpie on her son Archer’s nursery school lunch napkins in September 2006. It didn’t take long before she ventured beyond just a black Sharpie…

Around 11 PM at Our House

Nina Levy Napkins 1

Eight years later, the sculptor from Brooklyn is still drawing on napkins for her sons Archer, now 11, and 7-year-old Ansel. Incredibly, she’s maintained this work of love every single day over the entire eight years.

Nina spends 1-2 hours each night on her drawings, taking inspiration from what her boys tell her they’d like to see when they go to bed. She eventually started a blog and Facebook page where she’s shared over 900 napkins online, but the hard copies are the property of her sons, who frequently save them. The young boys admit to using paper towels at school or just wiping their hands on their shirts to preserve their mom’s amazing work on the napkins.

Each napkin comes with a fun and inspiring message from Nina to her sons along with the drawings that range from soft and delicate to stronger themes that led one teacher to ask the artist to tone down her napkins.

We’ve included a few of Nina’s amazing works here, but be sure to check out her blog for more napkin drawings every day…

Fox with a Fish

Nina Levy Napkins 2

Kitty Water Gun Sniper

Nina Levy Napkins 8

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Woman renews vows with mannequin husband after 14 years [Exclusive pics & interview]

July 23, 2014 | No comments

In February, we featured a series of photos by Suzanne Heintz with her mannequin “family,” (“Single Woman Spends 14 Years with Mannequin Family to Make a Point“). In the spirited comments section, the photos were called “creepy,” “brilliant,” and everything in between.

Since then, Suzanne and I have kept in contact, and a couple months ago I got the skinny on her planned “chapter two” of her project, officially called “The Playing House Project,” in which she and her stoic mannequin husband renew their wedding vows.

I took the opportunity to send Suzanne a few questions to get a deeper understanding of her project. She graciously took the time to thoughtfully answer them, and to give us an exclusive scoop on the renewal ceremony photos.

You’re the first to see these, so enjoy!

Artist buys imitation family to satirize conformity

Suzanne, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. I came across your work in mid-February this year and was delighted by it. Since then, on our site alone, it’s been shared 150,000 times on Facebook. And I know you’ve had a lot of press elsewhere too. But you’ve been committed to this project for a long time. How does it feel to see something into which you’ve invested so much time and energy garner the exposure it has recently?

It’s just like jumping into a hot spring. Shocking at first, and wonderful once you get used to it. I’ve said before that I’m pleased as punch to be born at the time I was. Not only because as a woman, I’ve got more choices in life than any generation before, but I’m also amazed at how much opportunity, and exposure, living in the information age provides.

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