These 25 Ridiculous Childrens Books Are the Definition of Inappropriate

Mar 15, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Portrait of Obama made out of $44 in pennies

Jul 11, 2012 By Abraham 7

From Eric Wondolowski

Obama is created with United States Lincoln head pennies. Background created with steel wartime pennies.

From a distance:

Prisoners buy their freedom by generating electricity on stationary bikes

Jul 11, 2012 By Abraham 10

These prisoners in a medium-security prison in Santa Rita do Sapucai, Brazil are volunteers in an unusual new program. They generate electricity by pedaling stationary bikes that are connected to car batteries…

The power is used to keep the town square lit at night…

For every three 8-hour days a prisoner spends pedaling, he receives a day off his sentence. So basically it’s an even, hour-for-hour exchange — 24 hours of biking equals 24 hours of freedom. Seems like a pretty good deal.

Read the full story.

“What a Wonderful World” performed in 16 musical genres in one take

Jul 11, 2012 By Abraham 4

CDZA, the group that brought us 50 years of nonsense lyrics and 98 years of whistling in pop music, has just released a version of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” which they performed in 16 different genres from the history of western music. So whether you like Gregorian chant or Dubstep, at least a couple seconds of this song should be right up your alley…

(via Boing Boing)

Learn from Mr. Bean how to avoid getting hugged

Jul 10, 2012 By Abraham 6

Many of you are the sort who would rather not hug, but you don’t know how to avoid it when someone comes at you arms open. Well, Mr. Bean is here to show you a very simple and effective strategy to ward off unwanted embraces.

(Don’t be daunted by the 16-minute video. Only the relevant 15 seconds will play.)

(via Reddit)

Wooden motorcycle

Jul 8, 2012 By Abraham 2


Hungarian Istvan Puskas poses with his wooden chopper in Tiszaors, 100 miles east of Budapest on Thursday. Puskas, a 52-year-old tractor driver, built his bike in two years from firewood.