24 Bizarre “Jokes” Submitted by Actual Kids. They Are Accidentally Hilarious…

Nov 26, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

There is anonymous person somewhere in this great big world of ours who works for a site that posts jokes by kids. And they get A LOT of submissions. Among the many kid-submitted jokes are some that are too rude for kids, don’t make any sense, or are actual jokes that kids have butchered.

And so instead of simply deleting them, this kind soul, whoever they are, puts these failed jokes on their own site for our enjoyment. Unedited, in all of their original, super weird glory.

If you’re in the right bizarro mood, these might be the funniest jokes you’ve ever seen…


*               *               *


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As Ferguson Burns, Remember White People Riot for the Stupidest Reasons

Nov 26, 2014 By Joey White 0

Many people are rightfully upset at the looters and arsonists in Ferguson, but some of the arguments against the rioters have become racially charged and incredibly insensitive.

Here’s one particularly egregious example…

In response to these kinds of statements, Twitter user @red3blog and others started pointing out reasons white people have destroyed their own communities.

Here are just a few of them…

Denver 1998, because a football team lost

San Francisco 2012, because a baseball team won

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If You Have a Cat and You Haven’t Done This Hack, You’re Missing Out On Serious Cuteness

Nov 26, 2014 By Megan Berman 2

Some creative cat owners have put their Ikea hacking skills to the ultimate test…by transforming the Duktig Doll Bed into comfortable beds for their kitty companions.


The bed, which is designed to be a toy, might just be Ikea’s first foray into the world of pet furniture. The $20 bed comes with linens, and even has a gap for wayward tails to poke through…


Just look at these guys! Don’t you wish you slept that deeply?

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There’s a Country You’ve All Heard of That’s Literally Not on the Map

Nov 20, 2014 By Joey White 0

Imagine being from a country that mapmakers routinely pretend does not exist. They sit down to design their next cartographical masterpiece and decide, nope, that nation doesn’t belong in this particular representation of the earth.

If you’re from New Zealand, you don’t have to imagine at all…

World Maps Without New Zealand is a Tumblr that’s dedicated to…well, finding global maps that have no sign of the world’s 7th largest island nation. And it’s surprisingly easy.

While New Zealand isn’t exactly huge in terms of land mass, the former British colony clocks in at a respectable 104,428 square miles, highlighted in red below…

NZ World Map

For reference, the mountainous nation’s size is just ahead of the United Kingdom’s 93,800 square miles and well ahead of Cuba’s 42,426 and Iceland’s 40,000. You’ll notice that all but two of the maps below include all three of those island countries while omitting New Zealand.

Here are some of our favorite world maps that people have spotted around the globe sans the Kiwi nation…

Mousepad from — ironically enough — a mapping software company…

No New Zealand 1

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