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Here’s What the Human Body Would Need To Look Like To Survive a Car Crash

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If you ever needed another excuse to put down your phone while driving, this is it — proof that the human body is not meant to withstand the trauma of a car crash.

As part of a new road safety campaign, the Australian government has been working with Melbourne sculptor Patricia Piccinini, a leading trauma surgeon, and a road safety engineer to create a human that could survive a car crash. 

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34 Google Image Search Results That Did NOT Disappoint

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We’ve all had those times when we go to Google in search of the perfect picture, but sometimes the result isn’t quite what you were expecting.

Maybe you accidentally typed in the wrong words, or you’re just really weird and typed in something completely off the wall like these people below.

Either way, the results did not disappoint…

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Summer is in full swing, and with that means the scorching rays of the sun and (hopefully) repeated applications of sunscreen.

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