Would You Use the World’s Most Dangerous Port-A-Potty?

Oct 23, 2014 By Joey White 0

It takes some insanely tall cranes to build an NFL stadium and when nature calls for a construction worker at the top, it’s a long ride back to the ground.

So, the workers building the new Minnesota Vikings stadium in Minneapolis brought a portable toilet up with them…

Dangerous Toilet 1

For some perspective, here’s a shot of the entire crane to show just how high this is…

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You Do NOT Want to Get Pictures Like This from the Babysitter. OK, Maybe You Do…

Oct 23, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

When Erica and Hannes were asked to babysit their friends’ 6-month old son Alex for a full day and night, they were understandably a little nervous. Alex’s parents gave the timid babysitters thorough training, but no one expected things to go so wrong.

Fortunately, despite the insanity, Erica and Hannes had everything under control and sent regular updates…


The couple explains…

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Three Top Scientology Officials Corner Ex-Scientologist, Berate Him at the Airport. Insane…

Oct 21, 2014 By Joey White 0

Most religious organizations leave you alone if you walk away from their faith. They may ignore you or even disown you, but they won’t actually chase you down and intimidate you.

Most religions aren’t anything like Scientology, though.

Mark “Marty” Rathbun left the organization ten years ago after 25 years, during which time he’d risen to become the second highest official. As he was leaving LAX for his home in Texas recently, he was confronted by three current top officials whom he identified as Jenny Linson, Marc Yager, and Dave Bloomberg.

It was an incredibly bizarre encounter intended to make Rathbun snap and assault one of the three so they could call the cops and then sue. Fortunately, he kept his cool…

(NSFW language)

Via: The Daily What

These Guys Secretly Served McDonald’s at a Food Convention. The Experts’ Reactions Are Priceless…

Oct 21, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

Last week, a couple of happy-go-lucky pranksters visited a food expo to serve a new, organic alternative to fast food from their high end restaurant to the other restaurant owners and foodies there.

The catch? They don’t actually own a restaurant — the food is from McDonald’s…

(Make sure closed captioning is on so you see the English subtitles.)

Via: LifeHunters

NYC Cop Doesn’t Understand the Law Even After Reading It Aloud, Arrests Law-abiding Singer

Oct 20, 2014 By Abraham 4

In a bizarre incident on the platform of a New York Subway, street musician Andrew Kalleen was arrested even after the officer telling him to leave looked at the law explicitly saying Kalleen could be there. In fact, not only did the officer look at the law in writing, he actually read it aloud as if it aligned with his interpretation of the situation.

Busker and Cop

Granted, as a law, it is quite thorough with a lot of clauses and therefore potential confusion, but if you just take a moment to read the same text as the cop, you’ll see that busking is perfectly legal.

Here are the MTA’s Rules Section 1050.6(c)

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A Gunshot Paralyzed This Painter, so She Completely Relearned Her Craft…with No Hands

Oct 20, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

Mariam Paré always knew she wanted to be an artist, ever since she was a little girl. She grew up dreaming of making a career out of her art.

Mariam Pare - 01

But when she was 20 years old, a stray bullet found found her…

Somebody was shooting a gun and it hit the car I was driving. I was struck in my back between my shoulder blades and my neck and I was instantly paralyzed.

Mariam Pare - 02

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The Oldest Minnesotan Just Joined Facebook…and She Had to Lie About Her Age Do It

Oct 14, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

Just in time to have her wall fill up with happy birthday wishes, Minnesota’s oldest resident has signed up for Facebook.

The catch? Anna Stoehr, who just turned 114 this past weekend, had to lie about her age to be allowed to have an account. When she entered her actual age, it came back as invalid. So she pretended to be a 99-year-old spring chicken in order to join…

So how does a woman who has literally witnessed the invention of electric lights, telephones, cars, and the internet, get on Facebook? With the help of her 85-year-old son and the Verizon sales rep who sold him an iPhone, Joseph Ramirez.

I had just sold him the iPhone, and he was talking about his mother. And I realized that he was 85 years young, and I was just astounded…I [asked] “Well, how old is your mother?”

Now Joseph is teaching Anna how to use email, Google, Facebook, and her personal favorite: FaceTime. Anna has made friends all around the world and loves calling people on her new iPad mini for a chat. But she doesn’t have much use for Google, as proven by Joseph, who once googled Susan B. Anthony, only to have Anna sassily tell him, “I could’ve told you that.”

She also had Joseph write Mark Zuckerberg a letter (on a typewriter!) to request that she be able to list her real age, telling him, “I’m still here.”

You tell ‘em, Anna.

Via: Kare 11

32 People Who Just Don’t Give a Crap Anymore

Oct 14, 2014 By Joey White 0

No matter how much time and effort we put into fitting in with society, we all have days where it feels like sweatpants are the best we can do. These people here, however, take not caring to a whole new level.

They look ridiculous but rock it anyway…

People Who Don't Care 20

People Who Don't Care 02

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