20 of the Creepiest and Coolest Halloween Houses on the Block

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35 Carved Pumpkins That Will Put All Others to Shame

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20 Alternate Names For Oscar Mayer’s Bacon-Lovers Dating App

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D’oh! 30 of the Best Simpsons Tattoos of All Time

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Considering that The Simpsons has been an iconic show for more than 20 years, it’s no surprise that fans take their love of the show to a permanent level by inking equally iconic show moments onto their skin.

That’s right. They take their love of the show out of Springfield and onto their body somewhere — whether it’s just a recognizable character or a random moment from the show.

We’re sure Homer would approve.

Putting the “fun” in dysfunctional family.


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30 Hilariously Inappropriate Toys That Will Scar You For Life

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From tech things to board games to classics, the number of options for toys that kids have these days is pretty much endless.

That’s why the fact that these “questionable” toys have actually hit the shelves make you wonder just what the heck people were thinking — or if they were thinking at all.

I don’t like what Wolverine is suggesting.


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30 Examples of People Who Are Proud of Their Humble Food Fails

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20 of the Strangest World Record-Holding Collections in the World

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It’s not unusual to collect things like dolls or baseball cards when you’re a kid, and there are adults who have collections of things like wine and art or maybe shoes or cookbooks.

Then there are these people who hold records for the largest collections of some of the strangest things ever.

Winnie the Pooh Items

Breaking her own record of 10,002, Deb Hoffmann of Wisconsin set the record for the largest collection of Winnie the Pooh memorabilia with 11,485 items in September 2014.


Via: Daily Record

Traffic Cones

If you ever need to block off a street, David Morgan of the UK has the largest collection of different traffic cones in the world at 137. While that may seem meager, this is actually about two-thirds of all the types ever made.


Via: Guinness World Records

Troll Dolls

Although, she now has more than 3,500 dolls, Sherry Groom from Ohio set the record of 2,990 unique troll dolls in 2012. They’re staring right through you…


Via: World Record Academy

Sickness Bags

Feeling squeamish? Talk to Niek Vermeulen of the Netherlands who has more than 6,290 airline sickness bags from 1,191 different airlines from almost 200 countries.


Via: AOL Travel

Prepared Food-Related Items

If you want plastic food, Akiko Obata from Japan has 8,083 prepared food-related items. The collection, which set the record in 2014, includes magnets, stationery, toys, food replicas, keychains, and much more.


Via: Guinness Book of World Records

20 Astonishing Guinness World Record Locations

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While the term “record-breaking” is thrown out a lot, the designation of holding a Guinness World Record has a certain awe-inspiring quality.

Since 1955, the company has been showcasing amazing and unusual records set be people from all over the world. Did you know you could visit the highest outdoor elevator, eat at the world’s most expensive restaurant, or walk the world’s narrowest street?

That’s right. Here are some fascinating destinations that hold amazing records of their own that you might not have known even existed.

Largest Indoor Ski Resort

You’ve probably never even thought about skiing indoors, but you can do it in record-breaking fashion at the world’s largest indoor ski resort in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. Skiers can swish through year-round snow and over 1,000 feet of runs, tube slides that let you toboggan through the snow, and a Freestyle Zone for practicing jumps.


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30 Babies Who Are These Celebrities’ Twins

Aug 17, 2015 By Megan Berman 0

We’ve established that babies are sometimes kinda weird looking (but totally not your baby, don’t worry), and that sometimes they also kinda look like old people.

But there are some babies who just get all the luck — they get to look exactly like miniature versions of celebrities!

Billy Idol


Via: Mommy Shorts

Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire


Via: Ego Kick

Justin Timberlake


Via: Mommy Shorts

Humpty Dumpty


Via: Mommy Shorts

The Situation


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