How one man’s $100,000 prank on the police landed him in court…obviously

August 17, 2014 | 3 comments

If you can afford a Maserati, you can also afford to diminish the value of your Maserati by painting it any way you choose. And if the paint job you choose is a silly prank that lands you in court, you’ll probably still be fine. Which is good for at least one anonymous Massachusetts man, because that’s exactly what is happening to him.

He recently turned his $100,000 car into a Transformer, but police in the town of Braintree didn’t find his stunt very funny…unsurprisingly.

Transformers Police Car 7

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50 Shades of WHAT? This is the creepiest video you’ll enjoy hating today

August 13, 2014 | No comments

In case you’re in the mood to have one of your children’s favorite movies cast in a whole new and disconcerting light, the official trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey becomes even more disturbing when you replace all the footage with carefully culled clips of Hans, Anna, and Elsa…

Fifty Shades of Frozen

This apple sat in the sun for a week and now it will haunt your dreams

August 11, 2014 | 1 comment

Do you want to have nightmares, but all you have now is an apple? Well, here’s the trick for you…

Take your apple and make a few incisions like so…

Apple Shrunken Head

Then set the apple out in the scorching sun and wait a week…

Apple Shrunken Head - Version 2

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The most committed McDonald’s customer EVER. This is insane…

August 7, 2014 | 2 comments

A reader sent us this video with the following explanation:

My wife and I decided to visit Fort Monroe in Hampton, VA, on our vacation. When we got to the top of the offramp, we saw this man, completely strapped to a motorized gurney, going down the sidewalk. He went to the first intersection, crossed the street to McDonalds, and ordered his food through the drive-thru window. I would love to know his story, but whatever it is, he must LOVE McDonalds!

Barnes and Noble held a “Frozen” event…and *these* are the costumes they used?

August 6, 2014 | 23 comments

Barnes and Nobles Frozen Characters

This summer Barnes and Noble is trying to drum up their dying business by inviting people into their stores to “Get Pop-Cultured.” These events are a “nationwide celebration of popular entertainment.”

As you can imagine, one of the most popular events of this campaign so far has been their meet-and-greet with characters from Frozen. Stores all over the country hosted “Frozen Friday” last weekend, where kids could come and “cool off with Olaf” as well as see Elsa and Anna.

All of this could have been a win-win situation for Barnes and Noble as well as the families who participated…if the bookstore had thought to have a budget for this highly promoted event. Instead they put it all on the backs of employees…

One employee explained

This was a nationwide event which means that every store has to host one. The company sends a few things and then suggests “optional” enhancements which the district manager can choose to reimburse or not. Ours didn’t, and the event unfortunately is rated not by the fun people have or how many people, but by the sales bump it creates.

We knew we were going to have 100+ people and I didn’t want to have this terribly embarrassing event so I handmade 100 snowflakes, table signs, a costume, and wigs and we printed out and assembled tiaras and reindeer antlers for the children.

At many stores kids had to wait upwards of two hours for what Barnes and Noble had told them would be an exciting evening of meeting Olaf, Elsa, and Anna. But because they didn’t provide costumes, let alone actors, employees and volunteers did the best they could putting on an event I’m sure most of them would have much rather avoided.

So good for the B&N employees making the most of a lame situation. Maybe their employer will try harder next time…

Barnes and Noble Frozen Characters - 17

Barnes and Noble Frozen Characters - 15

Barnes and Noble Frozen Characters - 03

Barnes and Noble Frozen Characters - 06

Barnes and Noble Frozen Characters - 07

Barnes and Noble Frozen Characters - 08

Barnes and Noble Frozen Characters - 10

Barnes and Noble Frozen Characters - 16

Barnes and Noble Frozen Characters - 11

Barnes and Noble Frozen Characters - 12

Barnes and Noble Frozen Characters - 14

Barnes and Noble Frozen Characters - 04

Barnes and Noble Frozen Characters - 13

(This post has been updated for clarity.)

Hidden camera catches Walmart and Target employees lying to customer on the phone

August 6, 2014 | 3 comments

When you call a store to ask if they have a particular item in stock, you expect them to actually check. That’s not asking too much, is it? Well, maybe so.

Recently, Jack Vale called Walmart and Target to see if they had various products in stock…while a cohort was inside the store filming the employee to see if they actually looked for the items in question.

Insane policy buried in fine print just annihilated this hotel. You’ll be glad…

August 5, 2014 | 7 comments

The Union Street Guest House in Hudson, New York, has quietly housed guests for years in its 19th century quarters. However, the historic hotel found a bizarre way to deal with the changes technology brought to their industry.

Buried deep within their Events & Weddings page is this policy charging $500 if any member of any wedding party leaves a negative review on any website…

Hotel-Policy Highlighted

More accurately, this policy was there. After the New York Post reported on the ridiculous clause on Sunday, the text quickly disappeared. Of course, thanks to internet archiving, we still have evidence of the hotel’s egregious policy.

The Union Street Guest House has predictably seen their ratings on Facebook and Yelp take steep nosedives, each now hovering around 1 star. Of course, with such a grumpy policy in place to begin with, negative reviews aren’t exactly new.

The first review the hotel ever received on Yelp was indicative of what was to come…

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Too bad this updated thrift store art doesn’t depict actual movie scenes. That would be awesome…

August 1, 2014 | 1 comment

Artist David Irvine is the man behind the Gnarled Branch, where he posts his “redirected paintings,” which are old thrift store art that he has added his own brilliantly bizarre brushstrokes to.

Many of his works feature characters from classic movies, TV shows, and video games so that the final pieces look like very strange scenes from these productions that ended up getting edited out.

Or maybe there actually is a scene in Star Wars where Darth Vader goes fishing outside a quaint, thatched cottage…

Thrift Store Painting Characters 05

Thrift Store Painting Characters 09

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