This 17-Year-Old High Schooler Faked Being Pregnant For Six Months…Here’s Why

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30 Creepy Costumes That Are Scary Easy To Make

Sep 19, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

Let’s be honest. Anyone can dress up in something cute for Halloween, but it’s supposed to be a scary holiday. But sometimes the scariest thing about Halloween is trying to find the perfect creepy costume.

Have no fear!

From the undead to iconic horror figures, we’re here with dozens of suggestions that are sure to get your inspiration (and DIY fake blood) flowing.

You Won’t Believe the Wildly Inappropriate Things This Teacher Actually Said

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High school teachers have a ridiculously hard job. Not only do they have to try to educate pubescent youth, but they also have to deal with a lot of attitude. I can imagine it would be hard to keep your patience, but that’s just part of the job.

You’re the adult, so you keep your cool and try to set a good example — sometimes.

This Teen Is Suing Her Parents For a VERY Surprising Reason

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There’s nothing more terrifying than getting a Facebook notification that you’ve been tagged in a photo on “Throwback Thursday,” but hey, what can you do?

People Were NOT Happy With How Jimmy Fallon Treated Donald Trump

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Donald Trump’s hair has been a comedic gold mine for late-night talk show hosts since pretty much forever, and when he made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon asked if he could muss it up while Trump was still a civilian.

A Tinder Date Gone Horribly Wrong Resulted In This Girl Escaping From a Boat at Sea

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These Ridiculous Vintage Weight-Loss Ads Are Wrong In So Many Different Ways

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Today’s Big Dose of NOPE Comes In the Form of Umbilical Cord Art

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Remember when moms were eating their placentas for a hot minute before doctors pretty much deemed it a waste of time (and also just kind of gross)?

21 Nightmare Stories About Freshman Roommates That Are So Awful You’ll Laugh

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This College Student Got an INSANE List of Demands From a Roommate She Hasn’t Even Met Yet

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Getting your roommate assignments for college is like Russian roulette in that you never know what you might get.

Just as Winnie Chen, 17, who is about to move into student accommodations at UCLA.

23 Pics of Insanely Overloaded Vehicles That Might Give You Claustrophobia

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