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Category: Bizarre

Couple Arrested for Keeping Their 13 Children Shackled and Imprisoned in Their Home

Tiffany Trump Was a Flower Girl at Her Friends’ Bizarre Shotgun Wedding in Vegas

‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Author Margaret Atwood Slammed for Essay Asking ‘Am I a Bad Feminist?’

Forget Politeness: How Holding in a Sneeze Could Blow a Hole in Your Throat

I Was Trapped in a Full Elevator 47 Stories up at the Biggest Tech Show of the Year

Apparently, Having Your Drone Stolen by a Hawk in Midair Is a Thing That Happens to People

10 Insane and Totally Incorrect Things People Still Believe About Women’s Bodies

A Scientist Explains Why We Love Those Gross but Satisfying Pimple-Popping Videos so Much

We Need to Stop Nominating Sexual Predators Like James Franco for Awards

Trump Is Bragging About Selling a Fighter Jet That Only Exists in a Video Game

Fox News Employees Revealed What They Really Think of Donald Trump