Syrian woman risks her life to document life under ISIS with her hidden camera

Sep 24, 2014 By Joey White 0

National television station France 2 equipped a Syrian woman with a hidden camera under her niqab to document everyday life in the city of Raqqa, an ISIS-controlled city in northern Syria.

The resulting footage shows men and women carrying AK-47′s as if they’re everyday accessories. One man orders a woman to cover 100% of her face because “God loves women who are covered.” French women are seen talking with loved ones back home, reassuring them that they’re okay and defending their choice to move to Syria as jihadi brides.

The entire video opens a shocking window for Westerners into everyday life under the extreme rule of ISIS…

(via Mashable)

These 12 people have no clue how to spaghetti

Sep 24, 2014 By Abraham 0

We’re used to babies slopping delicious noodles and sauce all over themselves when they try to eat spaghetti…

Baby Spaghetti

But we expect people to be able to successfully create and consume this Italian standby by the time they reach adulthood. But it doesn’t always happen…

Don't Know How to Spahetti - 01

Don't Know How to Spahetti - 02

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Here’s the complete “Satanic Activity Book” that Florida school children are being given

Sep 24, 2014 By Abraham 2

Last week, we saw that, in order to be fair to all religions, in addition to Bibles, kids in some Florida schools are also going to have access to literature from their local Satanic Temple. The most intriguing of the documents to be passed out to interested children is an activity book including puzzles and coloring pages.

Here it is in it’s entirety

Satanic Activity Book - 01

Satanic Activity Book - 02

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27 airplane passengers that ruin the sky for everyone else

Sep 22, 2014 By Joey White 7

We’ve all seen obnoxious people on the airplane who act like they’re the only passenger on the flight. Now there’s a Facebook page and Instagram account dedicated to publicly shaming those people.

Passenger Shaming is a place where your least favorite passenger is probably documented. These are a few of our favorites from the painfully hilarious site…

When the cooling fans aren’t enough

Passenger Shaming 28

Peak-a-boo feet

Passenger Shaming 01

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This TV reporter can’t keep her secret anymore, drops F-bomb and quits on air

Sep 22, 2014 By Joey White 5

After reporting on a pro-cannabis organization, Alaskan reporter Charlo Greene went off-script to tell the audience that, as it turns out, she is the owner of that organization. And not only that, but she intends to start focusing on it full-time.

This, of course, means she can’t be a reporter anymore. She then proceeded to ensure that she would, in fact, never get a job as a reporter again…

(NSFW language)

When asked why, she explained it was to bring attention to her new endeavor and the issues they’re addressing. It seems to be working…

Did Joan Rivers just prank Apple from beyond the grave?

Sep 19, 2014 By Joey White 0

Social media is great for real time updates about what’s going on in our fast-paced world, but it’s not always so great for pretend real-time updates scheduled weeks in advance.

In the latest social media slip-up for a major brand, Joan Rivers took to Facebook and Instagram to endorse the new iPhone…15 days after she died. These sponsored, pre-set posts were quickly deleted by whoever is managing Rivers’ accounts now, but not before the internet took screenshots

Joan Rivers FB post

Joan Rivers Instagram post

Both posts had a photo of what was purportedly her old iPhone accompanied by the same message…

This badass is being replaced by an iPhone 6 (not the fat one). I got this one in 2010, and after 4 years, my only complaint is that apps are now designed for bigger screens, and the battery is getting tired. Never had a case for it, since it was most beautiful on its own. Great achievement in design. Great product. #apple #iPhone #tech

Of course, the internet is lamenting the unfortunate posts, but perhaps it’s just one last laugh Joan is having at Apple’s expense.