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Category: Bizarre

Michael Douglas Decided to Deny Sexual Misconduct Allegations Before They’re Even Published

Topshop’s ‘Fake News’ Jeans Are Now a Very Real Laughing Stock

Donald Trump — Sworn Enemy of #TakeAKnee — Doesn’t Know the Words to the National Anthem

‘Fast Fashion’ Might Very Well Be the End of Us

Richard Branson Is Convinced Humans Won’t Be Eating Any Meat in 30 Years

Ivanka Trump Seriously Thinks She’s Going to Be the First Female President

Many Think This Fake Excerpt From Michael Wolff’s Trump Tell-All Is Completely Believable

It’s So Cold in Florida That Lizards Are Falling From the Sky

People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Creepy Advertisement Covering the London Underground

Trump Reportedly Eats McDonald’s Because He’s Afraid of Being Poisoned

15 Poorly Translated T-Shirts Spotted in Shanghai