30 Tweets That Will Speak To the Soul of Every Book Lover

Sep 21, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

There’s nothing like a getting lost in a good book, unless it’s sometimes getting lost in the Twitterverse reading hilarious tweets about books.

Hey, reading is reading!

This Guy Left Fake Trivia Books In Random Stores To Confuse Everyone

Sep 9, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

No offense, but there are a lot of boring wedding gifts out there. They’re practical and appreciated, but not that exciting.

The Dictionary…Yes, the Dictionary…Totally OWNED This Guy On Twitter

Sep 7, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

It’s not often that you hear about something like the dictionary making the news, but that’s exactly what happened thanks to one epic tweet.

This Teacher Asked Students a Simple Question and the Answers Were Completely Unexpected

Sep 1, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

Every State Has a Book…Have You Read Yours?

Aug 26, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

There’s nothing like losing yourself in a good book, so emotionally connected to the characters that you feel like you’ve left your close friends when you finally turn the last page.

It’s even more satisfying when that book is set in a place that’s familiar to you, such as your own state. You can identify landmarks and details that might only exist in the imagination of others who haven’t visited the locations.

And thankfully there are some pretty popular books set in all 50 states and complied into what is basically a literary map of the United States — and a map as to what to read next.

This Is Not a Drill! Three New ‘Harry Potter’ Books Are Coming This Year!

Aug 17, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

J.K. Rowling’s Son Gave Her the Most Hilariously Inappropriate Birthday Gift Ever

Aug 1, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

57 Photos of the Most Amazing Cosplay Comic-Con Had To Offer

Jul 26, 2016 By Mandy Kennedy 0

This 100-Year-Old Theater Has Been Transformed Into an AMAZING Bookstore

Jul 25, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

This Woman Transformed Her Stairs Into Something EVERY Book Lover Would Love

Jul 20, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but what if those covers are painted on a series of steps to create an amazing staircase?

How One Woman’s Tweet To a Bookstore Ended In an Epic Love Story

Jul 18, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

The faces behind corporate Twitter accounts are often a mystery and their tweets can sometimes lack personality. But for Victoria Carlin of London, the Waterstones bookstore account not only had personality, but also her future husband behind the scenes.