Instant Cure for the Monday Doldrums: Watch All These Puppies Discover Swimming

Feb 23, 2015 By Abraham 0

Need an antidote for the blues? Here, how about some puppies learning how awesome swimming is for the very first time?

Grandpa Can’t Track with Most TV Anymore Because of His Dementia…but He LOVES Jackass

Feb 23, 2015 By Abraham 0

You’ve never thought of “Jackass” as being a show that could be sweet. Until now.

Ashley Migneault’s Papa loves the series. His dementia has taken his mind past the point of being able to follow ordinary, story-based television. But a bit of gratuitously aggressive slapstick? Well, that’s perfect…

And in case you’re dying to know, here’s what he’s watching.

This 3-year-old Reciting Her “Student Pledge” in Taekwondo Is Almost Too Freaking Cute

Feb 20, 2015 By Abraham 0

A key part of learning a martial art is practicing your new skills with discipline and understanding that you’re learning this to do good in the world. To teach this, Premier Martial Arts in Leeds has a pledge that every student learns, even the tiniest little fighters there.

You know that if the first line a 3-year-old says is “I will develop myself in a positive manner” that you’re in for a rousingly adorable speech…

Adorable Proposal Captured with an “Accidental” Video Selfie

Feb 18, 2015 By Abraham 0

This couple’s engagement was recorded for the world to see when the boyfriend went to take a selfie and pretended not to realize he’d started a video. After “noticing” that it was recording, he just kept it rolling.

How he got the footage is fun enough, but it’s their performances after the real action starts that makes this video the sweetest thing you’ll see today…