This Is the Most Unbelievable Football Loss You’ve Ever Seen. What a Bizarre Mistake…

Oct 30, 2014 By Joey White 0

The game was wrapped up. The winner would move on to postseason play while the loser’s season was over.

Down by 3 points, Maple Mountain failed to convert their last chance with 1:22 left on the clock. Spanish Fork would now let the clock run out and beat Maple Mountain. At least that’s what everyone assumed would happen.

As the final seconds ticked away, the broadcaster noted,

“It looks like — barring some chaotic turnover here — Spanish Fork will move on to get Woods Cross on Saturday. Maple Mountain’s season will come to an end.”

It’s a good thing he left open the possibility for a chaotic turnover.

With 3.7 seconds left on 4th down, all Spanish Fork needed to do was run out the clock.

They could’ve punted the ball…

They could’ve run out of bounds…

They could’ve fallen to the ground and taken a tackle…

They could’ve even run backwards to their own end zone, giving up 2 points for a safety, and still won by a point…

They could pretty much do anything — except for what they actually did…

(The 50-minute video is set to play at the relevant moment.)

For a quarterback who set numerous records in a sensational 3-year career, it was a brutal way for Jason Money to end his senior season. Of course, the Spanish Fork coaching staff placed the blame squarely on their own shoulders…

This play is on us as coaches. We dropped the ball, not Jason. …[T]ake it easy on the kid, be respectful and imagine how you would want someone to treat your friend, brother, son, player after a defeat like this.

It was a brutal way for Spanish Fork to end their season. There’s no better reminder than this that in football, the game really isn’t over until the final whistle blows.

Chevy’s Nervous Spokesman Presents Truck to MVP, Uses Cheat Sheet and Still Bombs

Oct 30, 2014 By Abraham 5

As a sponsor of the World Series, Chevrolet took part in the presentation of the MVP trophy after yesterday’s final game. Their choice of spokesman is…a mystery.

It’s almost impossible to watch, and yet so funny…

Poor guy. I hope he knows that despite going viral and getting famous for utterly bombing, we all still like him.

29 Web Advertisers Who Just Had Their Work Ruined by *Extremely* Unfortunate Ad Placement

Oct 29, 2014 By Joey White 0

Anyone who’s spent any time on the internet knows that online advertising is targeted very particularly sometime. Ads appear based on the content of a given page, your geographic location, or even your browsing history.

Sometimes this specific targeting goes ironically wrong. Here are some of the worst examples…

Ad Placement 16

*               *               *

Ad Placement 01

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George R. R. Martin Says This Is How He Actually Pictures Game of Thrones Locations

Oct 29, 2014 By Abraham 0

The settings in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” are incredible — either beautiful or terrible and always perfect for the story. But George R. R. Martin says they’re not always what he envisioned as he wrote his books. And of other artists’ renderings for other products, he says…

We’ve had a number of different artists draw them on covers and on the fantasy like cards and games, and some of them have been beautiful images but not necessarily accurate to what I described.

So for his new book, an epic history of the fantasy world he created, he worked closely with artists (including Marc SimonettiTed Nasmith, and Philip Straub) to render his locations as accurately to the books and his imagination as possible.

Here are just a few of the George R. R. Martin approved results…

The Iron Throne

What Westeros Really Looks Like - 01

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Student Who’s Never Played Basketball Shocks Crowd, Nails 4 Shots in a Row for $10,000

Oct 29, 2014 By Joey White 0

This basketball contest seems impossible. Participants have to make four shots in 30 seconds — a layup, free throw, three point, and half court shot.

Oh, and they have to get their own rebounds.

When Tennessee’s Bryan College kicked off their basketball season Monday night with a big rally called the Late Night Roar, the contest was part of the festivities. A $10,000 prize awaited the student who could accomplish the feat, which seems hard enough even if there weren’t a 30-second clock running.

Gustavo Angel Tamayo has never played basketball. The senior gained asylum in England at the age of 6 and grew up there before moving to the U.S. for school. Soccer has always been his favorite sport and he hopes to continue playing professionally after his tenure as the college’s center midfielder is over.

But inexperience on the hardwood didn’t deter Tamayo, nor did the broken finger on his left hand from a soccer injury. The student stepped up and delivered this incredible performance…

He briefly forgot to get the basketball after one shot, he needed a shooter’s roll to make one shot, and the buzzer went off as his last shot fell…but it was all enough to earn him the $10,000 award and an amazing moment nobody in that gym will ever forget.