Old Family Cat Explains the Human’s Super Bowl Behavior to the New Kitten

Jan 23, 2015 By Abraham 0

The way we humans act during the big game is peculiar…especially to the cats. Fortunately, this house cat has been around long enough to catch on so that he can explain the insanity to his adorable little protege…

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Documentary Shines a Light on the Craziness of Youth Football in Texas

Jan 22, 2015 By Promoted Content 0

If you’ve ever been involved in youth sports, you know that some parents and coaches are…crazy. There’s really no other way to put it. They’re absolutely nuts.

Cheering loudly or hollering to make sure your voice gets across the field is one thing, but the truly insane parents and coaches go way beyond this — berating kids, fighting with referees, throwing things, and just generally fuming as if the universe hangs in the balance and everything will be decided by a child’s game.

And nowhere is this a part of kids’ sports culture more than among the coaches, parents, and players of the Texas Youth Football Association. Here, winning is everything. Effort, teamwork, sportsmanship — all these values take a backseat…unless they’re going to improve the odds of a win.

Friday Night Tykes - 01

In its first season, the Esquire Network documentary series Friday Night Tykes took a hard look at this league, focusing on how coaches behave with their young athletes. Unsurprisingly, it’s not all that great. We see coaches doing everything from swearing at their teams to — perhaps most crazy of all —instructing them to injure other players.

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Have You Ever Wanted to Sell Your House So Bad You Built a Roller Coaster in It?

Dec 9, 2014 By Abraham 1

If you’ve ever sold your house you know the value of “staging” it. Obviously, some people don’t even try, but others go above and beyond, clearing out everything except strategically selected, perfectly vanilla furniture and decor that will make the house as appealing as possible to the highest number of potential buyers.

And then there are these folks….

Want to sell a house? How about roller coaster tour?

4-year-old Gets the Job of His Dreams, Being a UPS Driver for a Day

Dec 8, 2014 By Abraham 2

Little Carson sees his UPS driver several times a week because of some regular shipments his family gets. Over time, he made friends with their driver Mr. Ernie.

Slowly his love of trucks and his friendship with Mr. Ernie coalesced into a general love of all things UPS. All Carson wants to be now is a UPS driver…

…and he just got the chance.