This Unconventional Ad Will Trick You Into Reading 250 Words of Snarky British Humor

Oct 6, 2014 By Abraham 0

Morrisons is the 4th largest supermarket chain in the UK. And apparently they’ve been trying to edge out their competitors recently with an offer to match prices.

Well, Lidl — a discount grocery store from Germany, similar to Aldi — has some thoughts on this scheme. And instead of trying to run a campaign that subtly implies their message via imagery and slogans like normal ads do, they just laid it all out there in a big block of text.

You’d think that no one would take the time to read it as they’re paging through The Sun, but then you find yourself continuing down the ad, line after line. And you realize that, as counterintuitive as this full-page ad might seem, it’s as brilliant as it is bitingly sarcastic…

Lidl's Snarky Grocery Store Ad

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Blue Man Group made the strangest unboxing video ever with their new iPhone 6

Sep 18, 2014 By Abraham 0

When the Blue Man Group got a sneak peek at the iPhone 6, they couldn’t resist making an unboxing video about it. Though it’s really more of an “unboxing” video. Don’t try to make it make sense. Just enjoy…

Celebrities become part of classic masterpieces when magazines are perfectly lined up

Sep 16, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

Eisen Bernardo, a Philippines-based graphic designer and illustrator, is carefully superimposing iconic magazine covers onto pieces of classical artwork. He says of his project, Mag + Art

This ongoing project…is my way of giving homage to the magazines – as a venue of human artistic expression and vehicle of popular culture.

The result is a beautifully curated collection of new icons that are equal parts amusing and intriguing…

The Birth of Angelina


The Ryan of Man; Rihanna’s Mood


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It’s official, God loves gay people…and He just unveiled a billboard to prove it

Sep 11, 2014 By Megan Berman 0


God is everywhere, being omnipresent, but when it comes to antagonizing the Westboro Baptist Church, Facebook has traditionally been His favorite.

God on Facebook

The Kansas-based hate group often protests military funerals and LGBT*Q communities with signs reading “God Hates Fags,” famously blaming gay people for 9/11 and the deaths of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, among other tragedies.

But God disagrees…

This hate group goes around saying that God hates gay people. Nonsense! I love gay people.

In an email to Mashable, he says…

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