Irish MMA warrior talks about his violent ancestry and what homeless guys taught him about fighting

Aug 28, 2014 By Promoted Content 0

At 5’8″ and 145 pounds, Conor McGregor is a small man. But you’d hardly know it by his presence in the UFC’s Octagon. Still, that’s not the Conor McGregor that Fightland and Sailor Jerry are getting to know here.

Conor McGregor

In their new series “Title Shots,” they are giving viewers a one-of-a-kind look at what’s going in the minds of fighters rather than only looking at what’s going on in the octagon. In this first episode, we visit Venice Beach with Irish UFC featherweight Conor McGregor to learn how his obsession with movement has shaped his fighting style. And not just his obsession with movement, but also his violent irish ancestry and an unlikely conversation with two homeless guys…

The most American grill ever can cook 100 hotdogs and includes (of course) a Mount Rushmore replica

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There are few activities more American than a summer cookout, and the two most important pieces of a cookout are a grill and a piece of meat to cook on it. You’ve already bypassed the nasty “what’s in those?!” hot dogs for something that actually tastes like meat, but what about your grill?

In promotion of their new premium hot dog, Ball Park teamed up with Destination America and Discovery to create what just might be the best grill known to man…or known to American man, anyway.


First of all, everything about this work of art screams “America!” starting with the table, featuring George Washington…on a bald eagle…carrying a hotdog…


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Julia Louis-Dreyfus tries to pawn her Emmy…but Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are up to something

Aug 20, 2014 By Abraham 0

Raising money to buy herself an island, Julia Louis-Dreyfus appears in a reality TV series where she considers pawning her Emmy award at a shop run by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

Of course, not everything is as it seems…

Google used to be called WHAT? — The original names of 23 iconic brands

Aug 16, 2014 By Joey White 6

Before it was Pepsi, it was Brad’s Drink. Instead of telling people to “BackRub that,” we tell them to “Google it.” Going to Peter’s Super Submarines for lunch? No, you aren’t. Though you can go to Subway if you really want to.

Here is a fun list of 23 major brands that used to go by another name…

Famous Rebrands 1

Famous Rebrands 2

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Cristiano Ronaldo endorses Japanese product he’s too embarrassed to actually use… Or is he?

Aug 8, 2014 By Abraham 0

On a recent trip to Japan, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo padded the old bank account a bit more by starring in a commercial for the “Facial Fitness Pao,” a tool for exercising your cheeks…and looking ridiculous.

Despite being the major selling point in the ad, Ronaldo seems to have refused to actually put it in his mouth…

On TV later, Ronaldo’s interviewer asked about the commercial and demonstrated the bizarre product. Ronaldo just looked embarrassed…

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News agencies trick us with ads that look like stories. Now it’s time to turn the tables…

Aug 4, 2014 By Abraham 0

Increasingly common online is the practice on news sites of posting stories that seem like typical reportage, but are sponsored, and therefore have a very specific and biased message. This is called “native advertising,” and John Oliver had a good deal to say about it on his recent show.

After his illuminating and entertaining 10-minute rant, he made a suggestion: If news agencies are going to put ads in their reports, we should also have reports in our ads.

The whole video below is worth watching, but it’s set to just play an example of Oliver’s brilliant innovation in television commercials…