Hotel illustrates absurd guest comments with bizarrely amusing, artsy photographs (12 pics)

Jan 27, 2014 By Jake Johnson 0

Every year The Standard, a swanky boutique hotel chain with locations in L.A., NYC, and Miami, puts out a calendar featuring staff members from their properties. The 2014 edition offers artsy photographic interpretations of some of the more bizarre guest comments they received during the year.

They write…

We’re always striving to better ourselves as a company, and guest feedback is crucial to our self improvement. As it turns out, guest feedback can also be pretty entertaining, irreverent, inspiring, and sometimes just off-the-wall.

Here are the fun results…


Dear Standard, Your staff are the nicest pooch-lovers in the whole world. Penny, my precious little wiener, is on a special diet and must be fed at specific times so she can take her pills. Your room service staff was sweet enough to prepare it each day, executed to the last detail and delivered right on time. Penny is extremely appreciative and is looking forward to her next stay.


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The Mushroom Kingdom needs you! Mario as evil war criminal in WWII-inspired propaganda posters [10 pics]

Jan 21, 2014 By Jake Johnson 0

You spent your youth thinking you were fighting as one of the good guys when you played Nintendo, but did you ever stop to think about it from the Koopas’ perspective?

Designer Fernando Reza has thought of it for you in his series of vintage-styled propaganda posters designed to rally the inhabitants of Mario World to rise up agains the “Red Menace.”…

1 - Mario Enemy

mario touch print

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The many faces of eggnog [7 pictures]

Dec 15, 2013 By Jake Johnson 0

Seattle-based designer, Madeleine Eiche, has a fun little holiday photo series happening over at the Eggnog Project. Eiche became fascinated with eggnog carton design “in 2002 when she was employed at a New York coffee shop, making eggnog lattes.” Her project features eggnog package designs from around the US, beautifully photographed by Justin Gollmer.

The series is a wonderful representation of regional tradition. Each of us probably grew up with one or two carton designs that we identify as eggnog. But the variety of this collection shows that even our eggnog is shaped by our local, contextual experiences.

Eiche credits the Dairy Fresh packaging as her first love….

Dairy Fresh, Canastota, New York

Dairy Fresh

Elmhouse Dairy, Roxbury, New York

Elmhurst Dairy

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A simple way to maintain personal space in a crowd (if you don’t care how you look) [8 pics]

Dec 3, 2013 By Abraham 0

If you’re in a bad or even just a solitary mood and yet you still have to go out into a busy place, why not turn your prickly attitude into a literal prickliness that is bound to keep people at a distance? If that sounds good, and you have basically no interest in being fashionable, then read on..

In a workshop at the National University of Singapore, German designer Werner Aisslinger asked his students to think of a common problem and then solve it with a tool that could be made out of commonly available items. They were given a half day to come with their idea, find the materials, and make a prototype.

Designer Siew Ming Cheng chose to solve the problem of having no personal space while riding the subway during rush hour. Her solution? A spiky vest

Spiky vest - 01

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Pairing iconic movie scenes with their color palettes [8 pictures]

Dec 2, 2013 By Jake Johnson 0

Designer Roxy Radulescu runs a delightful Tumblr called Movies In Color, where he marries his passion for movies and color theory into one grand, design-nerd corner of the Internet. Radulescu gives some background…

The idea started when I was watching Skyfall. I was taken with the cinematography and use of color more-so than the story itself. I wanted to find out what colors made up certain stills and after making a few color palettes for Skyfall, took it a step further by extending it to all films and starting a blog.

So far, the blog has not only been an aesthetic pursuit but also an educational pursuit that showcases the relationship between color, cinematography, set design, and production design. Overall, it is a study of color in films, but has other uses and applications. One of the goals is to give artists color palettes they can use in paintings, films, videos, graphic design, and other pursuits.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

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The 50-point plan to ruin yer career…and (possibly) save your life

Nov 28, 2013 By Jake Johnson 2

Last year superstar graphic designer (yes, those exist), Aaron Draplin, went to Portland’s Creative Mornings to serve up this 50-point plan to “ruin yer career.” The result is this hilarious, brash video filled with colorful language and more than a few surprises…

It’s well worth the hour, but in case you’re in a hurry, I went ahead and typed out the 50 points below. They’re Tweetable and Facebookable…so you know what to do.

  1. Enjoy the G–damned moment.
  2. Love where you’re from.
  3. Move somewhere wild.
  4. Frequent eateries that use decimal points in their menu.
  5. Know your f—ing condiments.
  6. Get out there and get dirty.
  7. And then, share what you find.
  8. Work with yer friends.
  9. Know yer tools and be thankful they exist.
  10. Go wherever they’ll send you.
  11. Shed any G–damned sense of entitlement.
  12. Provide proof of a bonafide graphic art existence.
  13. Fight for the long dogs.
  14. Lose the crutch.
  15. Exhibit a little humility.
  16. Quit spending yer money on bulls—.
  17. Be wary of certain business professionals.
  18. Pay off those f—ing school loans already.
  19. Laugh at stuff.
  20. Turn yer back on organized sports.
  21. Dream up a plan.
  22. Get cosmic.
  23. Take color theory seriously.
  24. Make some room for magic.
  25. Say what you mean.
  26. Get it on vinyl.
  27. Be ready for when they call you up to the big leagues.
  28. Learn an instrument.
  29. Be the client.
  30. Go by car.
  31. Know what really matters in the end.
  32. Buy things made in America.
  33. Question stuff constantly.
  34. Know who’s got the power.
  35. Collect cool s—.
  36. Grab yer social media by the throat.
  37. Savor the little stuff.
  38. Support yer local rock bands.
  39. Know all the shades of being “professional”.
  40. Don’t worry about awards.
  41. Quit saying the word “dude”.
  42. Make big-ass posters.
  43. Go pantless.
  44. Get free.
  45. Treat the UPS guy, mail lady, and printing pressman like they are gold.
  46. Know what you love.
  47. And don’t forget about the things you hate.
  48. Learn to roll with the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  49. Work hard and love this s—.
  50. Be thankful for everything.

Modular bookcase of letters and numbers lets you turn your shelves into a message [5 pics]

Sep 18, 2013 By Abraham 0

This bookcase from furniture designers Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti creatively turns each cube into a letter so that the shelves send a message suggesting that you put them to use…

Read Your Bookcase Bookshelf - 01

Read Your Bookcase Bookshelf - 02

Read Your Bookcase Bookshelf - 03

But the shelves don’t only spell out “Read your bookcase.” The design is modular, and there is a shelf designed for each letter and number, so that whoever can afford enough shelves can make their bookcase say whatever they want it to…

Read Your Bookcase Bookshelf - 05

Read Your Bookcase Bookshelf - 04

(via Archieli)