Father and Son Share Matching Makeup Looks In Powerful Portraits

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This Woman Made a Dress Out of the Most DISGUSTING Material Ever. Seriously.

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Express Yourself This Summer With Emoji Pool Floats

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While normally technology should stay far, far away from water, this is the exception — emoji pool floats.

Some Genius Created a Bag You Can Hide Your Wine In

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This Satirical ‘Anxiety’ Magazine Uses Humor To De-Stigmatize Mental Health Issues

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For the estimated 50 million American adults who suffer from anxiety disorders, living with this particularly prevalent mental health issue isn’t often cause for a laugh.

But for many people, humor helps them to cope, which is the idea behind these satirical covers for the imaginary Anxiety: The Magazine by Twitter user @crayonelyse.

All ’90s Kids Rejoice! Lisa Frank Just Announced a New Line of Adult Coloring Books

Jun 30, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

Back in elementary school, there was no shortage of folders, binders, stickers, and various other school supplies plastered with colorful rainbows, animals, and unicorns thanks to one woman — Lisa Frank.

If you had those school supplies, you were the envy of those who had plain colored Trapper Keepers.

Well, get ready to relive your childhood as an adult…

This Artist Combines Glam and Gore To Show the Fate of Popular Icons

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This Makeup Artist’s Optical Illusions COMPLETELY Boggle the Mind

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This Photographer Used a Drone to Reveal the Shocking Lines Dividing the Rich and Poor

Jun 21, 2016 By Mandy Kennedy 0

This 19-Year-Old Makeup Artist Will TOTALLY Freak You Out With Her Skills

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This Guy Scored a Job at GQ WITHOUT an Interview By Sending a Resume That Looked Like GQ

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