If Classic Disney Movies Had Been Animated Today

Nov 6, 2014 By Megan Berman 7

These awesome reboots of iconic Disney stills were done by Tyson Murphy, a video game character artist. He uses Photoshop and a keen artistic eye to bring more realistic movement, color, and depth to the often flat appearance of classic Disney movie characters.

The results show how these older movies may have looked if they were made in a more modern era…

The Sword in the Stone – Before


The Sword in the Stone – After


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Look at the Freakiness That Happens When You Turn Teddy Bears Inside Out. So Bizarre…

Nov 5, 2014 By Joey 2

These don’t look much like teddy bears, but that’s exactly what they are…

Inside Out Bears 01

Photographer Kent Rogowski turned teddy bears inside out and re-stuffed them. Describing his series, Rogowski notes,

“They are at once hideous yet cuddly, disturbing yet endearing, absurd yet adorable…”

If you just can’t get enough of these bears here, Rogowski’s project was turned into a book, simply titled Bears. There can’t possibly be a Christmas gift that’s more simultaneously fun and disconcerting…

Inside Out Bears 04

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Ever Wonder If You’d Be Friends With Your Parents If You Were the Same Age?

Nov 4, 2014 By Megan Berman 2

Danielle Delph, an art director, always thought she and her mom would be great friends if they had grown up together. So she put her photo editing skills to the test by photoshopping herself seamlessly into a series of vintage pics of her mother. She titled her work, “If I Had Known My Mother Back Then.


Delph says she had always wondered if she and her mom would’ve gotten along if they had been the same age…

I think it’s one of those ideas that people have at any point in life. You grow up and you say, “Oh, I wonder if my mom would have thought that was fun,” or “What was she like when she was my age? What would she have done?”


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The Exquisite Irony of Chicago’s Pothole Art

Nov 4, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

We can all agree that potholes are ugly and detrimental. And one Chicago artist has taken the matter into his own hands in his own creative way. Jim Bachor has been creating colorful “guerrilla” mosaics in potholes all around Chicago.

His work has certainly brought attention to Chicago’s pothole problem…but, ironically, it would be a shame to fix the potholes now and destroy his beautiful mosaics….



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George R. R. Martin Says This Is How He Actually Pictures Game of Thrones Locations

Oct 29, 2014 By Abraham 0

The settings in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” are incredible — either beautiful or terrible and always perfect for the story. But George R. R. Martin says they’re not always what he envisioned as he wrote his books. And of other artists’ renderings for other products, he says…

We’ve had a number of different artists draw them on covers and on the fantasy like cards and games, and some of them have been beautiful images but not necessarily accurate to what I described.

So for his new book, an epic history of the fantasy world he created, he worked closely with artists (including Marc SimonettiTed Nasmith, and Philip Straub) to render his locations as accurately to the books and his imagination as possible.

Here are just a few of the George R. R. Martin approved results…

The Iron Throne

What Westeros Really Looks Like - 01

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One Dad’s Fun, Adorable Way to Let His Baby Be Anything

Oct 27, 2014 By Abraham 0

There are different schools of thought on how valuable it is to tell kids they can be and do anything, but we can all agree that, in this case, it’s a brilliant idea. Baby Khoi can be anything…thanks to his dad’s quick and creative sketches on photos he takes of his new baby.

After snapping a picture of his son, dad imagines what adventurer or superhero might strike the same pose as his boy does in the image, and then he makes it happen.

Here are some of his best with his titles…

Pocket Samurai

Khoi - 03

Shark Tamer

Khoi - 04

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It Costs Absolutely Nothing To Give Your Child What They Need to Succeed Creatively

Oct 26, 2014 By Abraham 0

There’s a lot that goes into a career in the arts or some other creative field, but really it comes down to skill and drive. And as parents, we can make a huge difference in whether our creative children have this.

The best part? The most important thing they need is completely free…and withholding it has literally no advantages.

Kevin Smith explains in this fantastic comic from Zen Pencils

Encourage Artists

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