Gamer Doesn’t Know His Mic Is On, Sings Coldplay’s “Fix You” During “Call of Duty”

Nov 23, 2014 By Abraham 2

Australian designer and gamer Jerome Wilson was playing Call of Duty a while back and not having a very good game. He was about to quit when he heard another player start singing. The other player, apparently unaware that his mic was on, sang the entirety of Coldplay’s song “Fix You.”

Wilson continued to play enjoying the “odd beauty of the moment” and then perfected it by adding the song’s instrumentation and posting it for us to see, too…

Via: Reddit

This Is the Hell You’ll Get If You Use a Flash at a Ryan Adams Concert

Nov 21, 2014 By Abraham 2

Musician Ryan Adams stopped a recent show midsong to deal with a constant problem: Flash photography. People have no idea how serious this is for him…or why.

He suffers from Ménière’s disease, an incurable and potentially debilitating inner ear condition. In fact, he took two years off from music several years ago because he couldn’t play due to the disease’s effects.

Ryan Adams

With therapy and carefully controlled conditions, he was able to return to the stage, though not without a fair amount of trepidation. Because one of the things that sets him off is flash photography, and how could he possibly avoid that from a stage?

Despite trying to ban flashes at his shows, there’s always someone who will ignore the request. In this clip, Adams deals with one such rule-breaker and in no uncertain terms tells her exactly what her camera flash is doing to him…

(Brief NSFW language)

Via: Petapixel, Wikipedia

Dad Sings Heartbreakingly Beautiful Goodbye to His New Baby Only Days After Losing His Wife, Too

Nov 13, 2014 By Abraham 1

Last weekend pastor and musician Chris Picco’s life fell apart — shockingly, and unspeakably fell apart.

Chris Picco - 02

On November 8th, his wife Ashley unexpectedly passed away in her sleep. She was pregnant. Doctors rescued the baby with an emergency C-section, but at 24 weeks and with such a traumatic birth, he struggled. On November 11th, he passed away, too.

This is almost too much to even write or read a simple paragraph about…and Chris is living it.

Here he is singing his baby to sleep…

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When You Slow Eminem Down He Sounds Like Bill Cosby

Nov 11, 2014 By Abraham 0

Yesterday, a few minutes of Eminem freestyling was posted on YouTube. In the last 30 seconds or so he goes into double time…

It’s hard to know whether all of that is even language, let alone tell what he’s saying. So a helpful redditor slowed it down to try to understand him. And guess what he discovered.

He sounds just like Bill Cosby. A drunk Cosby, perhaps, but Cosby all the same…

This Roommate Takes “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” To a Whole New Level

Nov 11, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

We can all admit to doing silly things when we think we’re alone. But next time you’re about to belt out a song or shake your booty while washing the dishes (a totally random example that yours truly definitely doesn’t do)…make sure you’re actually alone.

This guy didn’t, and his roommate captured his secret cleaning-singing-dancing routine…and it’s amazing:

On second thought, if I could dance and sing as well as this guy when I was cleaning, I wouldn’t mind if the internet saw!