A 6-Year-Old Girl With a Rare Illness TORE Up the Floor In a Dance-Off With Selena Gomez

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See How Your Favorite Boy Bands Have Aged With Photos of Them THEN and NOW!

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Here Are the Richest Rappers In the World and How Much They’re Worth!

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These Retirees ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ and Just HAVE To Dance When They Hear Justin Timberlake

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I often think I’m not living up to the exciting lifestyle advertised in retirement community commercials, and the residents of Santa Marta, a retirement community in Kansas City, might just prove that.

This 82-Year-Old KILLS It On ‘America’s Got Talent’ With His Metal Cover

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100 Years of Male Pop Music Icons In ONE Incredibly Creative Video

Jun 3, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

How have music icons changed over the last century? Somehow we went from Bing Crosby to Justin Bieber, which is probably causing Bing to roll around restlessly in his grave.

Is it too late now to say “Sorry?”

At any rate, Vanity Fair just released a video that shows the style history of some of the most popular male pop icons from the past 100 years — from the Duke (Ellington) to Prince and every Kanye and Jagger in between.

It’s Impossible Not To Smile at Nathan the Hairless Dog Dancing To Polka

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16 Celebs Who Looked Just as Awkward at Their Proms as Regular People Do!

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Trump ‘Goes Hard’ When He Gets the Hilarious Songify Autotune Treatment

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Jimmy Fallon and Miley Cyrus Had a ‘Funny Face-Off’ and It Went Just as Well as Expected

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When Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Hijack Carpool Karaoke, Hilarious Harmonies Ensue

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If you didn’t know, Carpool Karaoke is something James Cordon does on The Late Late Show in which he gets celebrities to carpool with him and sing.

It’s pretty much just what it sounds like, but it’s also always hilarious.