Rare Photos of a 19-Year-Old Prince That You’ve NEVER Seen Before

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You Have To See What Happens When These Prisoners Hear Michael Jackson Music

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Even Kanye West Would Love Kanye West as All the Disney Princesses

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This Little Girl Is ALL Of Us When We Hear Dubstep Music

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You know how you hear something in your head and get down with your bad self, convinced you are the best singer, dancer, you-name-it-er on the planet? Then you realize that, frankly, you’re a little less than stellar.

But this little girl moves to the beat of her own dubstep drummer and, frankly, I think the we can all relate…

Even If You Hate Justin Bieber, You’ll LOVE Celebs Reciting His Lyrics as a Soap Opera

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This Little Piggy ‘Work, Work, Worked’ It To Rihanna

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Photographic Proof That Even Celebrities Go Through That Awkward Phase

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We see pictures of celebrities in their “glamorous” award-show outfits or perfectly tailored clothes and find it hard to imagine that they were ever the geeky kid with braces and bad hair praying the awkward phase would end.

Well, it turns out they really were just like us before they hit the big time. In other words, there’s hope for us all!

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