Musician visits all 185 Oregon State Parks in one summer for a mesmerizing music video

August 8, 2014 | No comments

Musician Slater Smith normally performs with his band The Weather Machine, but he embarked on an ambitious solo adventure last summer. Over the course of the summer in 2013, Smith traveled to each of Oregon’s 185 state parks to record a music video for his single “Back O’er Oregon.”

The music is good on its own, but the scenery is absolutely breathtaking…

Who’s up for a road trip?

Wedding guests surprise newlyweds with absolutely *unrehearsed* song from “Rent”

August 8, 2014 | 1 comment

When Conor Flynn and Claire Dunne got married last Monday, they had an incredible surprise waiting for them at the wedding reception.

Conor’s twin brother and best man Michael coordinated a number of their family and friends to put on a flashmob performance of Rent’s “Seasons of Love” for the newlyweds.

Incredibly, the group never even had a chance to rehearse the song together, but you’d never know it after listening to their fantastic performance…

(via Say OMG)

Chris Pratt’s Eminem rap mixed with the original beat is awesome

August 6, 2014 | 1 comment

Thanks to clever editing, we now know what it would have sounded like if Chris Pratt had taken Eminem’s place alongside Dr. Dre…

(NSFW lyrics)

Previously… Chris Pratt’s spontaneous performance of old Eminem rap will amaze and amuse you

Chris Pratt’s spontaneous performance of old Eminem rap will amaze and amuse you

August 5, 2014 | No comments

When Chris Pratt said he knew every word to anything off an old Dr. Dre album that featured Eminem, he was asked to prove it. Pratt delivered on his claim with a full minute-long version of Eminem’s rap from the 14-year-old hit “Forgot About Dre”…

(This interview and the lyrics of the rap are very NSFW)

Can you tell a $300 guitar from a $100,000 guitar just by the sound? Test yourself…

August 5, 2014 | 9 comments

Recently Emily Siner visited Nashville’s Gruhn Guitars for Nashville public radio. She spoke with George Gruhn about the varying levels of guitars his shop offers, and then she recorded him playing a few — their cheapest, their most expensive, and one in the middle.

Listen to these clips and see if you can tell the difference between them. One is a Baby Taylor that comes in at less than $300. Another is a Martin D-28 from 1938 that, despite costing $100 when it was new, is now priced at $100,000. And finally, in the middle, he plays a new custom Martin that costs about $5,000.

Can you tell which clip is which instrument?


Highlight this black box to see if you’re correct…

Guitar A = custom Martin, $5,000
Guitar B = baby Taylor, $275
Guitar C = 1938 Martin D-28, $100,000

Now see if your guitar-playing friends can tell the difference…

Taylor Swift will sing anything for this outgoing, talkative 6-year-old cancer patient

August 4, 2014 | No comments

During a recent trip to Boston, Taylor Swift visited 6-year-old Jordan Nickerson at the Boston Children’s Hospital, where he is being treated for Leukemia.

After saying that she’d play him anything he wanted, he told her to play her favorite of her own songs…